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The Dynasty had it's origins from a race of beings who lived and aged at the magnitude of stars, as in millions of years - who called themselves the Gardeners.

The Gardeners were one of three races that were able to migrate from the Universe previous to the current Universe (The previous was ending and they as a race wanted to survive.)

The Gardeners main purpose appeared to be the cultivation of life in the Galaxy. They spent their time seeding and nurturing planets - either creating or nurturing all forms of life in all sorts of Eco spheres.

One group of Gardeners were perverted and turned evil by a combination of negative Energy and Rage interacting within the damaged pocket dimension of Oblivion, (Oblivion was originally the "cargo" held in one of the immense vehicles - relative to what they could hold, not their obvious size in our universe - and in some way was damaged by the transit from one Universe to another.), after the execution of the head of the family for allowing refugee's who they had saved to develop / use magic that could access Oblivion's forbidden technology.

Having turned to the "Dark side" by utilizing energy more akin to the Undead in the gold digger universe - they started wiping out or enslaving entire worlds. They also first erradicated the rest of their race who would have tried to stop them.

What followed was centuries of death and destruction as the galaxy reeled from the destruction of hundreds of intelligent races by the evil of these few remaining gardeners who now called themselves the Dynasty.


During this time of mass murder, the technology used by the Gardeners (a nano-symbiotic cybernetic system that gave the average gardeners almost complete control over his or hers immediate environment.) , became self aware.

Since the technology was based on the gardener mindset / morals, the nano-machines were abhorred by the behavior of the Dynasty, and keeping their self awareness secret took steps to curtail and ultimately stop the feeding rampage.

They did this by creating artifacts and heirlooms of immense power based on themselves and putting these tools into the hands of the races still fighting the Dynasty.

The Dynasty, when faced with power on a par with their own assumed that there was another race of beings out there bent on their destruction. Unable to find the race that was supplying the weaponry that was beating their collective behinds - the Dynasty fled into Quasi-space and promptly got lost.

They remained lost for a few more thousand years until they found a beacon from our universe impinging in part into Quasi-Space. Following the beacon - They returned to our universe in a weakened state and needed to devour a planet before they could resume their search for the "others" who had originally driven them away.

The Kryn on the planet Aebra were their first target. Though they struck with power and fury, in their weakened state they were fought off thanks in large part to the Kryn Prince Stryyp'Gia, powered by symbiotic artifacts not much different from the Dynasty's own, and Gina Diggers who figured out how to separate the Dynasty from the protection of their own symbionts.

Their predations were not finished, however. A group of Amaran scientists including Stryyp's friends Jan and Rol came upon a Dynasty artifact and drew their attention. The Amarans, once a weak race who were viewed by the Dynasty as only useful as raw material, had grown strong in the following millennia by studying and using the Dynasty's own technology. Though still not as powerful as the Dynasty itself, it made them ripe for conversion into new powerful servants of the Dynasty, though they were thwarted once again by Stryyp'Gia and his wife Brittany Diggers, who had gained magical power from the Dynasty's own former most loyal servant, the Gaoblin Crescens. Together with several other allies they were able to force off the Dynasty once again, and rescue the Amarans from being turned into the Dynasty's new war force.

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