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The Drummer

Very little is known about The Drummer. What is known is that he was one of several computer-savvy children kidnapped and manipulated by Randall Dowling of The Four, who was attempting to guide the future of the internet. Most of those children died during a raid by the Planetary* field team, but the young boy was saved by Jakita Wagner. At this point he wielded his ability to see and manipulate information to disable and destroy Dowling's computer systems. His powers appear to be inborn, a natural human mutation. Randall Dowling had every living relative of The Drummer killed to prevent anyone else from inheriting The Drummer's powers.

He joined the Planetary field team and became their technologist. Some have remarked that he is insane, which may be true; he sees the world as a series of information patterns. He can manipulate electrical signals and computer code (and possibly any other kind of information he can "see"), read the genetic codes of living beings, and can even see the information pattern of magic (which he refers to as the "cheat codes" of the universe.)

The Drummer is also a natural anti-surveillance system - recording devices do not function within about five meters of him, though whether this is a voluntary ability or not is, like so much else about The Drummer, unknown.

The Drummer is fiercely loyal to Elijah Snow and his other teammates, to whom he owes his life, though this does not stop him from acting like a smartass toward them at every opportunity.

Powers and Abilities

The Drummer is a technopath, being able to talk to electronics, and operate computers from miles away. he can also see magical signals, and symbols, see genetic material, and can use kinetic energy to heighten his senses and amplify his abilities.

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