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Shizuku Kanzaki is the son of a recently deceased, world renowned wine critic named Yutaka Kanzaki. In order to take ownership of his father's legacy, an extensive wine collection featuring some of the most rare labels of the last 30 years, he must find 13 wines that his father described in his will. Shizuku accepts the challenge, albeit with a little push from a young sommelier in training named Miyabi. Miyabi teaches Shizuku the basics of wine and allows Shizuku to nurture his given talents as he begins his journey across the globe in search of the 13 bottles his father has selected for him to someday taste.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 210: Sentiments, Resentments - a Familial Battle for a New Apostle
  • Chapter 211: The People's Prayers and Wisdom Never Dying
  • Chapter 212: On a Journey to the Unknown I'll Take You
  • Chapter 213: A Genius' Fear Departed Beyond the Skies
  • Chapter 214: The Black Shadow Creeping Into a Tranquil Vineyard
  • Chapter 215: Pitch-Black Gunpoint and a Blue-Spark Roar
  • Chapter 216: In a Cask Shrouded in Deep Purple Smoke
  • Chapter 217: A New Hand Enrobed in an Inner Veil
  • Chapter 218: To Me, New World Flowers Blooming in Profusion
  • Chapter 219: Sunshine's Dazzling Smile and Heavy Brown Shadows
  • Chapter 220: The Trees of Emerald Enmity Growing Triumphantly Lush
  • Chapter 221: What's in You, Scarlet Flames, an Evil Heart or a Virtuous Soul?
  • Chapter 222: A Comrade Shining on a Crimson Horizon in the Twilight
  • Chapter 223: Dreams Spoken of by a Flickering Mirage of Trees
  • Chapter 224: The Spire's Entrance in Unprecedented Serenity
  • Chapter 225: Those Who Walk Arm in Arm to Time's Score
  • Chapter 226: Awakening From a Century-Long Slumber to a Holy Dawn
  • Chapter 227: The Faint Aroma of Artistry of a Glass Wet with Tears

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