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A special, extra-sized issue finds the House of Secrets materializing in the waking world on Halloween. For one night only, Abel has license to tell secrets without fear of retribution. His captive audience: five outcast goth kids who get more tricks than treats when confronted by an upset Cain.

On November Eve (or Halloween as most would call it), the rules state that Abel is allowed to reveal as many secrets as he likes without punishment until the stroke of midnight. And the House of Secrets takes in a group of trick-or-treaters in order to tell them the secret story of a freakshow. When the kids are unimpressed, Cain steps in to spin a tale of a mysterious illness that swept over a mining town. Lastly, Matthew the raven flies in and relates a story his days as a secret agent, back when he was Matt Cable.

The work on this extra-sized, 37 page issue was split between the series' two main writers and a handful of artists.

The framing story was written by Caitlin R. Kiernan and illustrated by Paul Lee and Kim DeMulder.

The three stories being told were written by Peter Hogan and illustrated by Shawn McManus (pg. 8-12), Scott Hampton (pg. 17-22), and Gary Amaro (pg. 28-33).

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