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Character Description and History

The Dragonslayer is one of the most well-known avatars, apparently for his success as a "nasty"-killer and for his wealth and arrogance.

Kevin Matchstick is on the hunt for the being behind a gathering of evil forces, and is having a hard time getting his fellow heroes to join in. The Dragonslayer then pulls up alongside him in his stretch limo and challenges Kevin to a duel. He is bored with hunting the forces of darkness, and now fights other heroes. Kevin, who is initially happy to meet him due to his fame, is annoyed. He is trying to stop infighting among the heroes. His friends, Joe Phat and Kirby Hero, are also against the fight. The Dragonslayer isn't about to take "no" for an answer, however, and sucker-punches Kevin, then taunts him. Kevin agrees to the duel, and accepts the Dragonslayer's condition of no weapons. The Dragonslayer says he used to have a power object like Kevin's Bat, but no longer needs to rely on it. Basically he is taunting Kevin for being weak.

Dragonslayer is an agile fighter

They fight. The Dragonslayer is very acrobatic, and gets a number of hits in. When Kevin hits him, the Dragonslayer feels no pain, and he begins to take the upper hand in the fight. Fearing defeat, Kevin calls the Bat to him, and channels its power directly into the Dragonslayer, who accepts it with more taunts at first. It is too much power, however, and the Dragonslayer falls to the ground unconscious. His chauffeur takes him away.

Kevin, however, is not unharmed. The Bat is only supposed to be used against the forces of darkness, and this internecine squabble among heroes caused it to burn his hand badly. Joe is able to heal it, but he needs to wear a glove on his hand to protect it for quite some time afterwards. The battle does, however, increase Kevin's reputation as a warrior among his fellow avatars.

Powers and Abilities

The Dragonslayer is a formidable combatant, able to essentially defeat Kevin without his bat. He is superhumanly strong (he seems to be generally on par with Kevin) and durable: he is able to take multiple punches from Kevin with only bruises to show for it. His main power is that he once bathed in the blood of a dragon, and now feels no pain.

He says that he once had a power object like Kevin's bat, but no longer needs it. This object's identity is unknown.

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