Past Doctor Who

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Who  here has seen earlier Doctor Who episodes...not including the 9th or 10th Doctors...anyone?
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Lots of people.  Methos, InferiorEgo & G-Man are all big Who fans.  Personally, I grew up with them and have fond memories of hiding behind the sofa :)

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I watched a few on the Youtube, Dailymotion and via torrents, the 7th Doctor is my favourite at the moment and. i just finished watching Tomb of The Cybermen wich has been formed in to one big file of 1.29gb like the Dalek Invasion Of I`m actually still trying to import the older dvd`s which is a bit harder then the new ones.:)

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I used to watch Tom Baker

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I have an special fondness for the Pertwee era, many people moan about it being set on Earth throughout  the majority of his tenure but I love the UNIT Family and the dynamic between The Doctor and The Brigadier, stories like The Claws of Axos, The Silurians and most notibly Inferno and The Sea Devils are two of my favortie adventures of all and considering I was new to who in 2005 I'd say that's a testimony to the quality of the writing and the production team spearheaded by the late great Barry Letts. And as if all that wasn't enough to have the superbe talent of Roger Delgado as The Master makes this time essental Who for me.

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I did watch them when I were younger but don't remember much of them. I've been up to date with the new age series. Christopher Eccleston+. Am also really liking the new Doctor and Amy.

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I grew up on Doctor Who. The Tom Baker era was excellent, still the best in my opinion, particularly the first couple of seasons. Seeds of Doom, Genesis of the Daleks, Talons of Weng-Chiang, Pyramids of Mars etc, are classics.

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