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Recently there has been an ad campaign for Doctor Who with social networking called "New to Who". Mysellf wondering, what was your "New to Who" moment. Be it old or New what isit, tell your story below.

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I can't remember my first taste of The Doctor but I do remember one story.

My brother and I were at a going out of business Record shop and everything was 50% off, Naturally I stocked up on some sweet albums. But just before I walked out, from the corner of my eye I saw a DVD box set with the name Doctor Who on it, Now at that time I was already well versed in the Doctor but I didn't recognize the face, So for curiosity I picked it up and looked. Low and behold it was the rare two British Doctor Who movies released only in the UK. Immediately I bought it went home and watched it. They weren't the greatest movies made but for nostalgia sake I loved them both.

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I vaguely remember watching some of Tom Baker's episodes when I was very young... The only two I have much of a solid memory of was "The Sontaran Experiment" and "Revenge of The Cybermen"... But that's about it. However, when I switched TV providers and discovered BBC America I got reintroduced to the new series only a month or two before the 6th series came out. I started diligently keeping track of every new episode I haven't seen yet and pieced together the continuity, and then I also started getting into Classic Who as well. I watched "Genesis of The Daleks" as my first Classic Who episode which I bought on DVD, and I've been expanding my focus onto every other Doctor from William Hartnell to Matt Smith ever since.

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Still one of the funniest who moments to me. Saw it on Sy fy one early morning in 05 or 06 and got into from there.

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When I was little I would come across episodes with Tom Baker but the quality was such that it never really caught my attention and in fact I thought it was kind of stupid and have been a life-long Who Hater ever since. Even working in dvd retail I was amazed that our stores carried so many copies of Dr. Who (going all the way back to the beginning we carried full seasons) and even looking at the images on the DVD covers I would usually just shake my head derisively. (I have opinion issues I know)

But when I heard that Billie Piper was in the new incarnation (Eccleston (sp?) was interesting to me as well) I sat down and gave it a go. Sorry to say that even by the early 2000's the quality by todays standards was still sub-par and I was bewildered y what was going on so my opinion wasn't changed at all.

Then I encountered Karen Gillan (no one should ever say that the secondary actors aren't important). I looked her up on youtube and found some episodes of a comedy skit show she used to do and thought she was amazing. Looked amazing, slight Scottish brough (sp?) and brilliant comedic timing. SO...just last week actually...I dvr'd the marathon on BBCA and started watching.

I don't really have any frame of reference for comparison but Matt Smith is excellent as the Doctor! Karen Gillan is just as amazing as I thought she'd be and after reading up on the various Who related CV wikis (and external ones) (I even did some editing!) I can honestly say that I am no longer a Who Hater. I have even come to admire the character of the Doctor, really like how that is his title, how powerful he is.

The end of the first epidode featuring Matt Smith when he stares down that cosmic prison guard and reveals the history of the previous incarnations then says "So basically, run" was so far THE moment for me.

Sorry for the ramble, little bit

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i saw a few of the 80s episodes but was to young to remember i was reintroduced to the show with the 9th doctor and got hooked and still watch , my roommate found the original series from the 60s and have started watching that , its still great fun

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