New Doctor Who Season Will Be Two Seperate Series

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Doctor Who has been on quite a roll since returning to television in 2005. It's gone through five seasons and the show is now featuring its third character portraying The Doctor. Now the show is coming up to its sixth season and the Guardian recently reported than this season will have a few changes to it compared to the first five. Steven Moffat, who currently runs the show is making this season into two separate parts and promises a game-changing mid-season finale.
"I kept referring to a mid-season finale. So we are going to make it two series – seven episodes at Easter building to an earth-shattering climax, a cliffhanger we could never normally do because it would be too long before it came back. An enormous game-changing cliffhanger that will change everything... The wrong expression would be to say we are splitting it in two. We are making it two separate series."
For those who are a little disappointed by this news, look at the bright side. Instead of being 6-8 months away from the new Doctor Who series. The first series of the episodes will appear during Easter, the rest during the fall, and then the Christmas special. As Moffat puts it, "you are never going to be more than few months from the new series of Doctor Who." But where do you go from there? What aspects of the old Doctor Who television series can you re-tap? What new ideas are on the plate? 
== TEASER == 
One of the things discussed in this interview is, when casting the new Doctor, if they considered a female to play the part. "I think about it sometimes and maybe it will happen someday. It wouldn't have been right this time... A woman can play the part. You have to remember the single most important thing about regeneration is you must convince the audience and the children that's it's not a new man, it's not a different man, it's the same one. It's a bigger ask if you turn him into a woman." Moffat also stated that he won't be leaving the show as of yet. 
Also returning is Karen Gillan, who plays Amy Pond. She plans on taking the show season by season. "
you can't really look beyond that so who knows? I'm having fun right now." The newest season of Doctor Who should start around Christmas of 2010, and the new season will continue onwards around Easter 2011. Is splitting up the season a good thing?
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Well This year we had it in just the spring so we had to wait longer for the new series. This keeps us with Doctor Who for most of the year.

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Old news are old! :P

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This has been around for a while.

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Looking forward to it. Since it came back in 2005 Doctor Who's been a revelation.
One unanswered thing from season 5 was that voice that was heard in the TARDIS saying "silence will fall" as the universe was ceasing to exsist all around. I'm hoping it'll be the main bad guy in season 6 and not just quickly explained and forgotten in the Christmas special.

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I'm not perturbed by this, I think the Dr. Who franchise has been treated very carefully every step of the way so far, and I doubt the show's quality is being threatened. As far as a woman goes, I'd almost prefer that a female Time Lord be given her own show, instead of trying to explain how a person's personality hasn't changed though their gender has. 

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So am I getting Dr. Who at Christmas or at Easter I'm confused. And I heard somewhere that Matt Smith is thinking of leaving is that true. I miss David.
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@Sobe Cin said:
" So am I getting Dr. Who at Christmas or at Easter I'm confused. And I heard somewhere that Matt Smith is thinking of leaving is that true. I miss David. "
Christmas Special, and then a bunch of episode around Easter... so both!
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Look at it this way: The series currently runs for thirteen episodes. They're an episode short of making it an even split. This could mean that we get an extra episode each year.

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Isn't this news old?

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Honestly, and I'm in the minority amongst my friends, Doctor Who Stopped "wowing" me about halfway into the 5th season. Sure, I enjoyed them, but, as opposed to episodes from seasons 1-4, as well as the majority of the Tom Baker run, this season that just passed has minimal episodes that I enjoy watching over and over, namely The Eleventh Hour, and The Beast Below, and I have become disillusioned as time went on, as the new Daleks did not seem as threatening, and the story arc seemed rather uninspired. Perhaps with the split in the season now, it'll mean that it doesn't drag, and the story arc won't seem so "beat me over the head with the f%#&ing cracks" like. Or perhaps I'm just getting more cynical with age.

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Eh, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt for now, mainly because Neil Gaiman has been tweeting about doing "rewriting Dr. Who" every now and then.  I haven't looked it up for sure, but I'm really hoping it's the TV series he's talking about and not a comic / book (not that those would be bad either).

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Separate is spelled wrong lol
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well, at least the Doctor is still coming, and Amy Pond, too. she has been one of my favorite companions so far. dont really like Rory, tho

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@scourgexlvii:  Many people I know felt the same way.  I plugged through it an was rewarded with the final two episodes... some others I know just gave up on the series.  Unfortunate.  I, and others all had such high hopes for Moffat, but Matt Smith just is not endearing.  They've got to stop going younger and younger!
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I trust Steven Moffat to do what's best for the show. Season 5 was the best yet, and if this is what he wants to do with Season 6, I'm sure it'll be awesome.

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@D34dM4n: I actually didn't mind Rory too much, and I actually kind of liked him in the Finale episodes, but I think the problem is that it's not as if Amy Pond is leaving her past behind, since both, she has Rory, and the point was made moreso than the other companions that she could return to the exact time she left from, whereas when Rose did it she missed 1 year of her life. I think this is a tether that may be useful on occasion, but makes the commitment too light. 
One other thing I thought when reviewing the synopses of the episodes, I remember something else that irked me: the raising, then summery neglect of many plot points brought up, such as the Silence mentioned by the vampire things, the person killed by River (Though inference can leave minimal suspects), the Voice in the end of the penultimate episode, etc. I know Moffat said many of these things will be resolved in the 6th (Perhaps now 6th and 7th) Seasons, but, for all his faults, RTD managed to resolve most of his plot points in one season, barring some plots that were meant to be more about the Doctor's mythos rather than the story arc.
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I think the main point still hasn't been made here, and that is. 6 Episodes per season is enough. In the UK a 6 episode run is the norm for a series, the fact that Doctor Who has had 12/13 episodes a series is kinda bloated. Now that they have two distinct endings means we must get at least two full story arcs.

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I stopped watching Doctor Who when I saw a scene where a kid was lecturing a fully grown adult

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@Dark Cell said:

" I stopped watching Doctor Who when I saw a scene where a kid was lecturing a fully grown adult "

 Time travel in a blue police box, a sonic screwdriver that goes 'bzzzz' and evil bad guys that look like a giant pepper pot, all fine. A kid lecturing an adult, pffff, thats it man, turn it off!
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maybe they're bringing back David Tennant

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@The Jeff said:
"maybe they're bringing back David Tennant "
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@The Jeff said:
" maybe they're bringing back David Tennant "
only if there is an appearance from half-human doctor will Tennant return
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Man, it seems I'm in a minority.  I really really like Matt Smith as the doctor.

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