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From What I've been able to tell magic existed at one point in the Doctor who universe. Supposedly The timelords wiped it out. Can anyone explain How/Why they did this? thanks.

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Im not to sure on the details but as far as i can remember its all science based but the earlyer years might be diffrent.

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Don't forget about fairys from torchwood they also were using magic

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I think they're is magic but the doctor wishes to dismiss it... I also think that it's all science based, like in tooth and claw he loves the werewolf, which changes form thanks to lunar exposal, and in shakespeare code he says that humans seek numbers for power when the witches race seeked words

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I've heard the same thing, but I don't really know many details of it. From what I can gather though, the "magic" that we see in episodes now is just incredibly advanced science. But the magic that the timelords wiped out was magic in the true sense of the word. As for why they did it, I don't really know, but I'd assume that true magic is too much of a wildcard for a species that's trying to conquer the Universe.

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@Do I have to give a name?:  In the 1989 episode "Battlefield" the Doctor encounters beings from a parallel universe that use magic... and considering that their magic works that probably means that functional magic does exist in the whoniverse... 
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magic does exist in the doctor universe or it did before the universe the doctor lives in existed. check this linksfor proof.

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