HEYO Doctor Who fans!!!!

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Here is my video tribute to the Doctor I know the quality is pretty awful but I hope you enjoy it regardless.

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@protect_yourself: yep. still going on. (I just started watching myself, but I'm catching up from David tenient, so don't ask me what is happening now on the show)

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I am now UP TO DATE!


Also, Tennant's eps were by far the best of the new seasons.

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@protect_yourself: yeah, after I get up to date on the new series i plan to watch the older stuff, but I just need to find the time...(which is funny since we're talking about a time lord...ha ha ha...oh never mind!)

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Very good use of combining the original series along with the newer one!!! It seemed a bit simplistic but still perfectly strung together, especially with that song... Nice work!
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@The Poet: So, we meet again, poet. Tenth, that means David Tennant, is my doctor! But respect to both Eccleston (9th) who made it possible and Smith (11th) who kept the myth alive. Doctor Who is fantastic, brilliant and Geronimoooooooooo (9th's, 10th's and 11th's moto in order).

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@Phaedrusgr: greetings to you as well. I'm not sure who would be my favorite as of yet, because I've only see two of them but Tennant is amusing...

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@Dracade102: Thanks for that yeah I know it's not the best but I tried to put both old and new in it it's just the new stuff looks so much better.@Billy Batson: Thanks

also just for the record Matt Smith has got to be my favourite he just does so well with the eccentric nature of the character and he makes you think that he is really old even if he is the youngest actor to ever play the Doctor.

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