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That's right lady's and gents today is the 49th birthday for our favorite Timelord and seeing as nobody else made a thread Im starting it.

In 49 years we've had 11 actors play the Doctor, tons of companions and hundreds of hours of good and bad serials, episodes, books and audio drama's. So people who's your favorite Doctor, how did you get into the show and whats your favorite episode/serial.

I got into Doctor Who 2 years ago, I was watching Linkara's videos on TGWTG and he's always been referencing Doctor Who and I was very much interested. So on a faithful Wednesday evening I saw that Space (Canadian sci-fi channel) was playing DW at 8 so I watched. It was the series 3 episode "Gridlock" penned by RTD. I watched it and I had a blast, so for christmas that I asked for series 5 because I knew that jumping on with a new Doctor was the smart thing to do and I was hooked since then.

My favorite Doctor has gotta be Matt Smith, not because he's the one I've watched the most of but because he brings such a joyous energy to the role, always doing a great balancing act between having tons of energy like a 20 year old and acting very old, very knowledgeable and dangerous. Also my favorite episode has gotta be "The Eleventh Hour", because that's a fantastic introduction to the kind of adventures you can expect with the show and every time I hear Matt's speech to the Atraxi at the end of the episode it always gives me chills.

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I was brought into the crazy world of Doctor Who after watching The Time of Angles episode, and since then Matt Smith has been my favorite Doctor and making the Weeping Angles one of my favorite DW villains/monsters.

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