favorite Dr. Who stories

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I'm partial to the Seeds of Doom and the Daemons. Anyone else want to chim in?

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Ah...bringing over the good Doctor to these pages. Now we just need to get Jherek Carnelian over here.

As far as my favorite stories...geez that's a hard one. I kinda remember like a six part time hunt that Tom Baker and Romana were on and had to find different pieces of something in different times. It's been so long since I've seen it. I'm at a loss for the name and exact details. I bet Jherek would know.

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That would be the "Key of Time" series. Tom Baker is considered by many to the best of the Doctors and that particular series is widely regarded as the best of his works. I am ashamed to say though, that while I have seen the entirety of Doctor Who (all 28 seasons and the movie) I still find that Christopher Eccelston's portrayal of the Doctor has to be my favorite. David Tennant is good and I am quickly growing to like him, but Eccelston just played a very curious Doctor and I liked that a lot.

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I've been catching up on the Doctor (thank you DVR). I'm finally at the Holiday episode so have only seen like 5 minutes of Tennant. I've been blown away by this new series. It's so great that it's been brought back and is being given the decent budget it deserves.

I've also been catching up on my reading so just read in the latest Wizard that Eccleston is gonna be in HEROES. It's a shame he only wanted to do one season of Who but this should be very interesting.

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Actually that wasn't the case. He was on the fence about it, and the BBC jumped the gun and announced it early, before he made his decision. So really they kind of left him with no choice. D:

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Actually, I guess I have a question regarding this. I could make the Doctor Who page really detailed, but if this site is restricted to the comic book Doctor, then I have almost no experience. I am extremely well versed in the television series though... If that information can be entered into the page, then uh it's time for me to unleash the fury.

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Far as I can tell info from the tv series is ok. Many of Godzilla's enemies have only appered in the movies, but that hasn't stopped me from creating pages for them. It should be alright.

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It's been a while (late 80s) since I read the Doctor Who comics. The ones that Marvel UK released here were (obviously) with Tom Baker. I would assume that maybe some of the others saw print in comics. Not 100% certain. Pretty sure Peter Davidson had some time also. I should try digging those ish's out of my storage.

Actually there appears to be some info here already.


The appearances are listed as The Doctor. I think we'd be better off changing those to Doctor Who and have THE DOCTOR as an alias. So I'm making an editorial decision and changing that.

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hmmm hard one to figure out there...

The Ribos operation comes to mind as one that stuck in my head

where you meet Romana and some of the other Time Lords (Time Lady's?) and they have to find the segmants of the Key to Time...

that one really stuck in my head as a good storyline... also Romana was hot lol


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Which Romana? I liked the first one, not the one that went on to marry Tom Baker.

This cracks me up:

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the second :)


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She was okay in my opinion. Something about her kinda bothered me.

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i liked her :)

got some awesome Dr Who books as well... a few come to mind but i can't remember their names off by heart... the Galaxy Lords or something like that?

cover's white with a ring on the front, in the jewel of the ring the the entire galaxy... that was a damn good book


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I used to read like every book I could get my hands on in the 80s.

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i went through a period of buying as many as i could... probably still got some that i haven't read :)


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Ahh! Hello. Jherek Carnelian here. Some of you may know me from another time and place. Nice world you got here. Mind if I stay awhile and explore? I won't cause any trouble. Grins widely so this is restricted to the comic book adventures of the Doctor eh? Are you aware there are currently at least two new strips running in British publications featuring the new Doctor? 'Doctor Who Monthly' and 'Doctor Who Adventures'. Both admirable mags the latter is aimed more a kids though. I'll try and find details on whether you can get them in the States and web site info...that kind of thing. Be seeing you.
Post Edited:2007-03-25 17:58:32

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Hot damn, finally got you to come by here. We're not strictly limited to the comic versions here. I haven't read the comics since the Marvel UK ones in the 80s. It's all Doctor Who lovin' here. So as long as it's Doctor Who (or Billie Piper), anything goes.

We started taking over another thread, (http://www.comicvine.com/message/the-battle-of-the-doctors/18842/&c=21&21) but I thought it'd be better to try to resussitate this one. You'll notice those "familiar" Rose pics from that other place.

I still gotta watch the new Cybermen episode.

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Nice to be here! Sorry I took my time but you know how erratic the Tardis can be! As I say you really should do something on the UK strips. The 'Doctor Who Monthly' one has been running since the mid seventies. The Marvel Comics were reprints of those strips featuring the 'Tom Baker' Doctor. They've been running continually ever since over here with each successive Doctor covered including Paul McGann! I'll try and dig something up for you guys.

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Weeeell, you could always add any info you can find. And the profile page needs serious work. Pretty pathetic. http://www.comicvine.com/doctor-who/33354/. And I don't know what's up with the Warlock and King Conan appearance at the bottom. I've just been too busy with other parts of the site to get into the nitty gritty of indiviual characters' pages. And with the Doctor, you could kinda say we're not completely limited to the comics. With the (unfortunate) few of us that follow him, who's to know the difference. His origin is his origin even if it hasn't been fully detailed in comic format. I mean Buffy has a huge page: http://www.comicvine.com/buffy/20096/

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Looks like I'm gonna have my work cut out then! It'll be fun.

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The best thing is then you'll 'own' that page. Everyone can see who the top contributor is.

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I'm a big Dalek's fan but I would have to say on of my favorite episodes was the one with the Peking Homoculus played by Deep Roy who would later be the Oompa Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp.

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good to see you here Jherek. Thanks for the info.

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Anyone catch this episode?


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lol HA!!

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It's kinda sad that there aren't more Who fans here. Maybe they're shy. Guess I'll use this time to add an image from one of my favorite episodes.

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Wow. Check out David Tennant's legs.

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So we've just had three episodes of Season 3 over here in the States (which I haven't watched yet, no SPOILERS, please) but I saw this image for Season 4. I'm sure you peeps "over there" have seen it before.

Kylie Minogue?!?

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G-Man, did you see the links I posted so you could get season 3?

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I did. Thanks. I just like watching on the big screen. Plus that's the only way my wife would watch it.

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My favorite, and only, episode of Dr. Who I saw was the werewolf epidsode, with the Queen and they went back in time, and Rose kept trying to get the Queen to say 'We are not amused.'

I forget the name of it but the werewolf was trained to stay away from mistletoe.

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Not sure how many Americans have seen the "So Graham Norton" show. It's on BBC America and it's pretty hilarious. Here's part of the show when David Tennant was on and they did a TARDIS trick in London.

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I'm a HUGE Doctor Who fan so there's one more member here who likes the series.

That picture of the Doctor with Kylie Minogue isn't from Season 4. It's going to be the Christmas special this year.

I have to admit though I'm a fan of the original series a lot more than the new one. I think it's quite sad that the producer refuses to cast anyone over the age of 40 in the lead role.

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Yeah there's a few of us here that appreciate the brilliance of Doctor Who. There was a bit of chatter going on at the end of Season 3 but since Season 3 just started here, I've avoided that talk.

Good to have ya here.

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I love tomb of the cybermen, the war games and Genisis of the Daleks.

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My favorites are Genesis of the Daleks, The Five Doctors, The Stolen Earth and Journeys end

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I liked latest episodes they were good =]

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