Doctor Who respect thread

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I've heard many people talk crap about the franchise but its a show with staying power, it's had over 800 episodes, many books and comics and even survived a mid 90s Fox TV movie (Nick Fury had to turn Black to be taken seriously after his Fox movie) Sure the show had its problems for a few years but since it's revival its going great, It's been around longer than Star Trek and Star Wars and unlike the Simpsons the show got better with age, Sure Matt Smith is no David Tennent but he is way better than the dude who wore celery. Also Rory who has overcome death more than Jean Grey and Professor X combined.

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No matt smith is no where NEAR as good as Peter Davidson. He is turning family entertainment is to a childrens show. The only thing going for him are his compainions and there getting rid of them. Also why does eveyone keep making rory is dead jokes, I seen what they are you can count 2 of them tops. If your going to count them all then amy has died as often as he has and the dr has died 10 time already, jack spend 1000 years bured under cardif contantly dieing.

But yeah i do agree RESPECT THE WHO.

and remember Eccelston was NOT the 1st dr!

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@vincenoire: Matt Smith isn't bad he just happened to be the guy who followed the best Doctor so far

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@joshmightbe said:

@vincenoire: Matt Smith isn't bad he just happened to be the guy who followed the best Doctor so far

I think Matt Smith is better than David Tennant, personally. Believe me, I thought I would hate the show after Tennant, but I think Smith is more of my ideal Doctor.

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@War Killer: The Doctor with Hulk for a companion would be unstoppable

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Bloody brilliant!

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