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Disruptor I 
Samuel Epo was a high ranking executive in Cosmic Broadcasting. He grew greedy and created the persona if the Disruptor. He sabatoged the station in order to gain money until his defeat at the hands of the Creeper.
Disruptor II
Michael Beldon is the son of 'Brains' Beldon, a criminal genius that had tangled with Batman. 'Brains' wanted a seat in the criminal organization, the H.I.V.E. To prove himself, he created a high-tech costume that could disrupt the natural flow/order of things. Meanwhile, his son Michael constantly sought his father's approval. In a bid to earn the respect of his father, Michael wore the costume and called himself The Disruptor. At the H.I.V.E's request, he hunted down members of the Teen Titans. If Disruptor could kill them, the seat in the H.I.V.E. would be given to 'Brains' Beldon. Disruptor was effective in combat, almost killing Cyborg, Changeling, and Wonder Girl with his disruption powers. Kid Flash himself was captured by him and his father. The Titans counterattacked, only to have the Disruptor turn their own powers against them, until he was defeated by Raven's soul-self. Upon his defeat, the H.I.V.E. rescinded their offer to 'Brains' Beldon. Michael went to jail, took the rap for his father only to be rebuffed by him, and leaving himself devastated. Later, Wildebeest and The Puppeteer sprang the black Trident, Gizmo and Disruptor from jail, but these villains were eventually recaptured (except for Wildebeest and Puppeteer) by the Titans. Disruptor resurfaced later to battle Arsenal's team of Titans, but he was defeated once again.

Disruptor III
Angelica was abandoned by her biological parents and found in a trash can. She was raised in the foster system and then adopted by a married couple. Angelica became jealous of her adoptive father's affection for his wife so she broke his wife's neck with her bare hands. She was sent to jail where it is presumed Clock King found her. The new Disruptor became a part of the  Terror Titans and her suit was given to her by the new Clock King, who brought her in from a dilapidated group home, and with whom she is having a sexual relationship with. Recently, Ravager came onto the scene and has "disrupted" things in Angelica's life. Rose, while not having sexual relations with Clock King, has successfully made The Disruptor extremely jealous. In one instance ( Terror Titans #2), she convinced the mind controlled TnTeena to try and kill Ravager in the Dark Side Tournament despite instructions not to. Clock King, in turn, became upset with Angelica. More or less, she seems to act like a jealous school girl with super powers.
 Angelica continued to show her jealousy toward Ravager until finally, she attacked Rose herself (along with the other Terror Titans). However, she tried to kill Rose only to have Rose in turn kick her butt. When returned to Clock King's layer, he explained to her that she was the only one of the Terror Titans that disobeyed his orders. He also mentioned that she was actually not related to the first Disruptor  and ended up killing her. 

Powers & Abilities

 The first Disruptor had no powers, only a suit that allowed him to disrupt things (powers, gadgets, biological functions, etc).  The second Disruptor also derived her powers from her costume and they functioned in much the same way as her predecessor, disrupting the natural flow/order of things to deal damage to people & objects alike.  However, unlike Disruptor I who created his own power suit using his own technical expertise, Disruptor II's suit was designed & given to her by the Clock King, so while she knew how her powers worked and how to operate her suit it is likely that she lacked the first Disruptor's tech skills & knowledge.  Further evidence of Disruptor II's lack of understanding of her own gear can be seen at the moment of her death, when Clock King activated a self-destruct device of somesort that he'd hidden away inside Angelica's costume which incinerated her (it is unknown if the other costumes & weapons of the Terror Titans possess similar devices or if Angelica's fate was a "special" punishment reserved for her by Clock King). Disruptor II's gloved hands could emit pink hued disruptive energies which could be used to deal damage by touching her opponents or by firing concentrated, destructive blasts of force (wires running from the gloves to the back of her costume suggest the suit itself produced the energy which then traveled into the gloves in order to become weaponized for battle).

Special Note:  At the end of the Terror Titans mini-series the remaining three Terror Titans gained possession of Clock King's lair and all the gadgets and weapons contained within, suggesting there is the possibility that they now have access to the Disruptor suit technology & could continue Disruptor's legacy if they so chose.

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