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The Lovely Angels are back, and cybercreeps of the universe had better be on their best behavior...for all the good it'll do 'em! Professional "Trouble Consultants" Kei and Yuri travel to Nimkasi Habitat, a remote crime-plagued space colony located beyond the civilized confines of the United Galactica. Given 100 minutes to extradite 50 assorted terrorists and technocriminals from this deep-space hellhole, the Dirty Pair plan to clean the CPU clocks of all available gangsters, thugs, and swindlers -- and still have time to polish their bikinis! Based on the popular animated series from Japan, The Dirty Pair is packed with crazed action, cyber-punk ambience, and side-splitting laughs, courtesy of writer/artist Adam Warren, whose dazzling, manga-influenced art and rapid-fire pop-culture satire have gained legions of fans in the West and widespread critical acceptance in Japan. Includes special bonus story, "Start the Violence," plus a pinup gallery featuring Adam Warren and guest artists Adam Hughes, Bruce Timm, Brian Stelfreeze, and Humberto Ramos.







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