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Etrigan defeated Clutcher but The Book of Belial was destroyed during the fight. Since he wanted to free himself from Jason he informed Glenda that there is one remaining copy in The British Museum, although it was hidden by illusion. Etrigan then surrendered control and Jason Blood returned.

They travelled to the museum but were denied access to the stacks to search for the book. So Jason returned that night and broke in. Using his own blood he was able to break the illusion which hid The Book of Belial and stole it .

Back at their hotel room they read the entire book but are unable to find any clues as to why The Demon and Belial looked so similar. Glenda decided to put Jason into a trance and use Merlins' Philosopher's Stone to force Etrigan to answer questions. However she was unable to control him and Jason was knocked out. At that moment a Bile demon emerged from a mirror and attempted to kidnap Glenda. The Demon appeared and fought it off but was unable to prevent Glenda from being taken. When Jason swapped places with Etrigan he saw a message on the mirror which revealed that it is Belial who was behind her capture.







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