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With beautiful cover art by Michael Golden, "Beware... the Six-Fingered Hand" opens with Doctor Strange, Valkyrie, and Daimon Hellstrom responding to a call for help from Patsy Walker, Hellcat. However, they find her home destroyed and her injured housekeeper, Dolly Donahue. Donahue relates to them how Walker was abducted, and the trio mystically tracks her down to Christiansboro, Virginia. Dr. Strange contacts Clea astrally, assuring her that her help is not needed in Virginia, and asking her to keep an eye on Kyle Richmond, who is recovering in Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. Shortly afterward, Strange and his companions arrive in Christiansboro, and are almost immediately assaulted by Gargoyle and a horde of demons. The Defenders make short work of their attackers, only to be attacked by Hellcat, who has been possessed by the demon Avarrish. The possessed Patsy Walker defeats Hellstrom and Strange, but Valkyrie helps her possessed teammate reassert control over herself, forcing the demonic spirit from her body. The townspeople of Christiansboro then rally, placing the blame for the night's events at the feel of "Old Man Christians." Valkyrie and Strange accompany the angry citizens to his home and discover that Christians is the Gargoyle. Christians reveals that he made a deal with Avarrish to use Walker as his vessel in exchange for the prosperity and safety of the townspeople, but once his earlier attempt to ward the Defenders away failed, the Six-Fingered Hand trapped him in the body of the Gargoyle forever. The Defenders accept the Gargoyle into their ranks to help them battle the Hand. The story ends with Walker revealing that her mother promised her soul to the Six-Fingered Hand.

There is also a Hostess Twinkie ad in this issue, featuring Spider-Man.

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