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The Red Ghost uses a cosmic ray machine to take over the minds of Hawkeye, Valkyrie, and Namor after a brief battle.

Later on, Doctor Strange believes he has finally found a way to transform the Black Knight, who was turned into a statue by the Enchantress, back into his human form. He contacts the other Defenders to let them know, but can't get ahold of Val and Namor. The Hulk, who was with them when they were captured, tells him that they caught by Attuma (who is Red Ghost's current partner). Strange and the Silver Surfer then go off to search the oceans for Attuma.

Meanwhile Red Ghost and Attuma attack Atlantis with their mind-controlled heroes. Val, however, starts to have hallucinations--the submerged Barbara Norriss persona starts to take over since Val's mind is being controlled, and Norriss is partly crazy.

Strange and Surfer pick up on Val's distress, and realizing that the other Defenders are under mind control, proceed to shield the entire Earth from all cosmic rays. The heroes all return to normal and rout their enemies.

Then, in the first chapter of a Defenders Vs. Avengers story arc, Dr. Strange finally explains to the other Defenders how he hopes to help the Black Knight. He has found Whitman's soul in another dimension, and sends a magical communication to contact him. The Black Knight is stuck, but responds that he is happy to hear from them.

However, Loki and Dormammu, who have partnered up, are waiting in a nearby space. They intercept the message and make it sound like Whitman is asking the Defenders to help him using the Evil Eye. The Defenders are tricked by the subterfuge and decide to search for the evil object.

Continues in The Avengers #116.

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