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The Defenders and their civilian friends ask Professor Turk to explain how he can be Lunatik, especially since they also just captured three other Lunatiks!

Turk explains that he was once Arisen Tyrk, god-king of another world, who was defeated by Man-Wolf/Stargod. Tyrk tried to escape via a teleporter, but it split him into numerous shards, each representing a different aspect of his personality. The main one landed on our Earth and pretended to be a professor. Every once in a while, another shard appeared--these other aspects are the three other Lunatiks. (Tyrk was an evil warlord, but presents himself as benevolent to the Defenders.)

The Defenders and Dollar Bill grudgingly (or in the case of Bill, easily) believe him and want to find some way to help, but Ledge is still angry and thinks it's a trick. They decide to go to Dr. Strange and see if he can bring together all the shards of Tyrk, from across many dimensions. Strange is not at home, but Clea is, and she has been pining for action.

Meanwhile, the feds continue to investigate Kyle Richmond's finances.

Clea takes the Defenders and the various Lunatiks to another dimension where she believes most of Tyrk's shards can be found. They explore, and are attacked by a group called the Nilffim--giant birds ridden by more Tyrks! The Defenders suddenly find their emotions being affected by the environment, and have a hard time focusing on the battle. Things go poorly, until Dr. Strange and the Hulk show up and help defeat the Nilffim. They were already in this dimension in disguise, hoping to stop the Unnameable, a force of dark power.

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