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The issue starts with The Silver Surfer going to visit Dr. Strange and his Sanctum in order to apologize for the way he had acted in his last encounter with the Defenders. However, when he arrives, he finds a strange mystic cube formed around the Sanctum. He is able to pierce through this cube and discover that the Defenders are under attack by Cyrus Black (a mystic bent on proving he is superior to Dr. Strange and his followers).

Although Cyrus Black almost manages to destroy the statue of the Black Knight, his attack fails and he and his followers are forced to retreat. As the Defenders try to relax, Black attempts his next attack on the Defenders: Using illusions created from his dreams to attack and destroy Dr. Strange.

However, because everything is a product of Cyrus' imagination, Dr. Strange's apparent weakness in this battle is also a product of it. He is eventually tricked by the Sub-Mariner that perhaps their battle isn't real.

This realization jars Black awake, causing his illusions to disappear. In his apartment, Black realizes that his plan would have failed, and rues to try again in the future.

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