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Before Moon Knight can alert the Defenders on the whereabouts of Scorpio, Nighthawk is taken hostage. Meanwhile, the team attempts to convince an unruly Hulk to fight for them. With a friend in danger, and time running out, what measures will the Defenders take to get Hulk on their side?

Having escaped from Scorpio's base, Moon Knight hurries to find The Defenders, but as he has no way to contact them, he heads for the Sanctum Sanctorum. Meanwhile, Scorpio has Nighthawk captured and explains to him how he came to possess the Zodiac Key. He then activates his Zodiac Chamber to bring his creations to life. Clea contacts Valkyrie and Hellcat, informing them of Moon Knight's arrival. Clea has also located Hulk and the trio track him down. He is reluctant to come with them, so they taunt him so that he takes chase. They continue this all the way to Scorpio's base, where they face off with his Zodiac troops.

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