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Silver Surfer joins the fray! Plus, a Strange adventure in the Himalayas…in a valley of apes!

After the events of the previous issue the Sub-Mariner and Dr. Strange have been searching for the Silver Surfer for two months. While they are searching the northern oceans in astral form astral form Namor is attacked by the Surfer. During the fight, the Surfer easily over power the monarch of the sea to go to the location of a valley.

Traveling back to Dr. Strange's Sanctum in New York City, Dr. Strange deduces that the Silver Surfer is going to the location where his late friend Kenneth Ward found the statue of the Undying Ones. Recruiting the aid of the Incredible Hulk, the three heroes travel to the Himalayas and convince some of the local townspeople to show them up to the site. Attacked by the native monkeys, the fend them off and find the Silver Surfer.

After demanding answers to the Surfer's recent actions he explains that once he had found this valley of apes, he lived among them for the past two months. Suddenly the apes change form, their leader introducing himself as Calizuma and his minions are the Warrior Wizards. Battling the Wizards, the heroes make short work of them, and take down Calizuma by striking him with all their power at once. With the foes defeated, Strange uses a spell of atonement on them. The Surfer then agrees to join them in stopping the forces that conspire against the group

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