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The Defenders have returned from their adventures abroad with Valkyrie in tow to Kyle Richmond's Riding Academy on the Nassau river. Once the heroes has settled in Valkyrie bids them a good day as she is interested in finding out who Barbara Norris was (as she is now inhabiting Barbara's body). Angry that the girl has gone away, Hulk leaves as well. Back in Defenders new conference room, Kyle and Dr. Strange are interupted by a call from Pennyworth (Kyle's business manager). It turns out that an unknown group called the Wrecking Crew is holding New York ransom while wrecking Richmond buildings.

Nighthawk and Dr. Strange travel to New York to protect Kyle's newest building in construction. They run into Luke Cage who has been hired to protect the building by Pennysworth. They battle because Luke Cage has no idea who they are and assume they are the Wrecking Crew that is demanding payment. Eventually the building is destroyed around them and they come face to face with the Wrecker and his Wrecking Crew.

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