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The Defenders are in space kept alive inside Cloud, who is actually a nebula, instead of a cloud. He/She explain to everyone what had happened to this peae of Space, and that the stars are vanishing, and that is why she went to Earth at the first, looking for Captain America's help. A Cosmic Cube lives around this region and it told Cloud about Earth's hero - they had their last encounter at Captain America Annual #7. Then the Cosmic Cube assumes Captain America's form and goes with the Defenders in search for the mystery of the vanishing stars. They find the Star Marauder, who wants to extinguish all the stars around it. With the help of an alien army, the last survivors of a destroyed planet, the Defenders find the real threat - a little princess in

comatose state who had become blind and now doesn't want anything to shine. At the end Angel enters her mind with the help of Cloud and convinces her to stop destroying the Universe.

Epilogue: Sassafras is attacked by the holograms inside Beast's room, and the Manslaughter save him turning out the systems.

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