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Seraph is at Doctor Strange's home telling all she knows about Cloud and her past. Then Andromeda starts explaining everything about HER past as an Atlantean and that she had had come to surface in order to battle along The Defenders (the originals). They all accept her at the team.

Later, while they are flying in one of Angel's planes Cloud gets crazy and hits Beast with one of her lightnings, but Angel manage to fly the plane even though he is blind.

Meanwhile in a Soviet Station a strange man walks alone spreading fear towards the soldiers. He gets a map and point to New Mexico. Then he starts to walk in that direction, walking on the water of Pacific Ocean.

The Defenders get to a hospital where Seraph said all Cloud's answers are waiting. There they find a couple of humans in a comatose state. They look just like Cloud as a girl or as a boy in appearance. Then Cloud remembers that she once came to Earth looking for help, but witnessed a car crash and felt the pain of that couple. She assumed their identity but doesn't remember anything more because of what the Secret Empire had told her.

Seraph decides that Cloud has to confront her past and they all go to the car crash site. There Cloud has a collapse and only when Gargoyle flies with her to the clouds she remembers everything. The Danger! she cries and then lightnings and silence...

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