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In New Mexico desert a motorcycle with a couple riding it runs towards a barricade made by the US army. They jump over the troops with incredible skills.
In Angel's Aerie, base of the Defenders, US troops are removing Angel and Cloud, both of them severely injured during last issue's battle. Moondragon and Valkyrie are dead.
Candy Southern shows up and tells the general she is the leader of the Defenders and that he has to talk to her about anything. Suddenly a soldier appears shouting that some motorcyclist had just passed from their barricade and is coming to them.
Later, in NY, a strange woman named Andrea is cloning Tomy's credic card and his voice.
Back to the Denfenders, Beast is trying to cure Cloud, but he doesn't know what she really is or anything about his physiollogy. Suddenly the alarm goes on, because the motorcyclist had reached their home. It is actually Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider, and his wife Roxanne. They managed to escape from Defenders's defenses and illusions (Dr. Strange, Capain America, Hulk, Namor and Wolverine) and finally reaches the Aerial along with the others.  The couple say they sensed soomething was wrong with Blaze's old friends and that's why they come to their aid.
Suddenly the power goes down and the alarm on, and someone breaks into the medical center. When the lights comes back it is actually Valkyrie, alive!
Val tells everyone that Moondragon is also stil alive, but her mind was separeted from her body after what happened last issue. Where her mind is Valkyrie doesn't know, but little about Heather Douglas still remais in Moondragon, who has now only anger, pain and madness inside her mind. Then Valkyrie says Odin took her special powers away now that the Dragon of the Moon was defeated and separeted from Moondragon, now she is just herself again, to what Angel replies - "That's equal to three normal men". Angel is awaken but still blinded.
Later that night the Defenders have a meeting to discuss about them, if they really are a group of super heroes or a bunch of amateurs. Gargoyle thinks they should join the Avengers, Angel says they had payed a price too high but Candy replies saying they have benn fighting bad guys, aliens and robots for years and they are good at it. Valkyrie agrees and Beast tells Iceman that they will make it work.
Some days later, Johnny Blaze enters Angel's room and say to him that he had thought about his proposal, but he has to deny it, he doesn't want to go back to a super hero team, even to be just a mechanic. Then he congrats the Defenders on what they had been doing and finally Roxanne ask for some money to Warren. Of course Angel loan Johnny some money and the couple goes away happy.
Back at the medical center, Beast was thinking about the end of the Defenders, when some woman sneakes in and looks at Cloud. She is actually Nancy, a girl from the US army that once went out with Beast. When Beast leaves the room, Nancy stays looking at Cloud, and then pick up an old newspaper with a picture of Carol Faber, 17, and she looks just like Cloud.

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