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The student Adrian Castorp is playng the piano in a room when Helen Castorp says to him that he has to go to the students meeting, but he denies. The meeting is about the growing mutant menace arund the country and that something must be done. An angry mob shout that it is just racism but the guy in the balcony says Senator Robert Kelly is the salvation for all the problems against mutants. In a few days the Senator will be in a conference with Hank McCoy.

Some days later Beast, Iceman and Cloud arrive at the campus and meet up with Adrian and Beast sees that he has six fingers in his hand and that used to be a signal of the same demonic group that had transformed Isaac Christian into Gargoyle.

Meanwhile in the Defender's base, Gargoyle says to Dolly he is amazed about what he had seen insede Moondragon, and that after all she is a good person. In another room Angel and Candy are talking about Chris Larmouth and that now he has to be in estasis because what happened last issues. In her room Monndragon is meditating when something happens to her, maybe she had got an infection or something.

Back to the Universtity, a woman shouts and the three Defenders run towards her room, to find Adam in the ground. The woman says he is epileptic. Beast finds a walkman crashed in his room.

Later Bobby and Cloud talk about their feeling for each other and the problem to Bobby of her being a boy. Cloud explains to him that she doesn't know who she is actually.

Senator Kelly arrives and an angry mob shout at him about racim and against the Mutant Registration Act. After Beast's speech, Adam ask him why he acts like a clown when the mutants need a defensor. Beast is speechless. Later Beast goes talk to Adam and he says he is also a mutant, with six fingers and infra red vision, and that he is scared about all these mutant hate.

Next morning, during the Senator Robert Kelly's speech, Adam tries to attack him but is stopped by the Defenders. In the fight a riot starts in the crowd and Iceman tries to explain that by doing that Adam is giving reason to Kelly's speech. At the end Cloud hit a lightning at Adam and destroy some kind of equipment he has under his clothes. Later Beast makes another speech, defending mutant's rights.

At the end, in her room, Moondragon is fighting against something evil inside her mind.

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