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After an afternoon of arguments about Cloud's new gender, Moondragon senses that Gargoyle is at great danger and that he is in Colorado, then the Defenders fly towards him, just to find the sorcerer standing alone. Suddenly he demands his slave to defeat the demons, and Gargoyle could do nothing but attack his old friends. Gargoyle almost kill Cloud, but Angel saves her and then Valkyrie flies with Aragorn towards him and uses his mystical sword to wound him, but when she was about to kill him, she couldn't do it and Gargoyle punches her away. Moondragon then enters Gargoyle's mind and tries to release him from the pentagram command, but when the sorcerer realizes it he blast her off. At last, Beast remembers the names that the sorcerer is invoking and talk to him and succeeds at deceiving the sorcerer with words. Then Angel grabs him and tries to catch the pentagram but then his hand gets on fire (just an illusion). Gargoyle attacks again, Valkyrie holds his hand and Beast uses her sword to cut off Gargoyle's hand. The hand turns into a two-headed dragon and attacks everyone.

Again Moondragon reaches Gargoyle's mind and beg him to destroy her tiara so she could save everyone with great power, but Gargoyle denies it saying she was evil inside just like Odin told him. But he tells Moondragon about one weakness of the Sorcerer - his only eye.

The Defenders defeat the dragon and Moondragon makes up a plan, they use Valkyrie's sword to blind momentarily the sorcerer and when he asks for Gargoyle's vision to fight, Gargoyle shows him another place where the Defenders are then the true forms of the Defenders and not demons. He sees Beast as a wise man, Angel as a sacred dove, Iceman as a full with pure heart and Cloud as a boy and a girl in one body, but they all aren't demons. When he looks at Moondragon and Valkyrie he couldn't stand the truth and runs away outside the pentagram at the ground around them. That makes his enchant disappear and Gargoyle is freed again.

Before passing away because of his injuries, Gargoyle warns everyone about Moondragon...

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