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A doctor team is at Defender's home trying to cure Angel and Valkyrie from Manslaughter's poison from last issue's battle. Beast takes Manslaughter to the sheriff but he doesn't want to take orders from mutants. Suddenly a man sets fire in the bar next to the station after setting himself on fire. He is  Blowtorch Brand, and has some kind of fire powers. Moondragon and Cloud go there to stop and arrested him. In the meantime Beast called Washington and ask for them to tell the sheriff he has to arrest Manslaughter. Candy is taking care of Angel while he is recovering and Valkyrie is already healed because of her Asgardian powers. Cloud is depressed because she doesn't know what she actually is, and Angel tells Beast they must have a real leader in order to solve legal issues and problems like the one with the sheriff.
In another place, Gargoyle is still missing since his mysterious disappearing last issue. He is being hold as a hostage by some kind of sorcerer in a dungeon.  
Someone pays Blowtorch Brand's bail and he is released, but has to set fire in a jeans factory for the guy who had payed his bail. After two days the Defenders are called to stop a fire in a factory, and there they find Blowtorch Brand again. They manage to defeat him, but Cloud is severely injured by the flames. At the end the sheriff discovers two young girls inside the fire, he went there and save them, but died because of the smoke. Valkyrie takes his soul to his last journey, because she is actually a Valkyrie after all.

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