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Beast is arriving at Angel's Aerie in New Mexico on foot, because no one had shown up in the airport to pick up him, and now it appears that no one is at the Defenders' home. When he enters someone grabs him from behind, but it is Valkyrie, scared that Beast could be the one who has been threatening them during the past days. Someone left a message at the answer machine saying that he will kill them all, his name is  Manslaughter. Then the defenders tell Beast what had happended last days - Cloud was having a sun bath when some roses appeared around her neck and they turn out to be snakes that tried to byte and kill her. Valkyrie killed the snakes and they found a note telling them not to sleep anymore or the Manslaughter would kill them. Angel flew all over the house but couldn't find anyone hidden. Then Iceman found another note at Angel's wings saying "Imagine if it was a dagger!". Another time, Iceman was working out when a piece of his working machine broke and fell upon his chest, burning him even in his ice form. Later Gargoyle vanished away screaming in front of Moondragon with no explanations. When Valkyrie arrived at the room and try to grab his sword, another note came in her hands - "This to whom the sword is the life will encounter her death". 
After these explanations, Manslaughter itself shows up in the room with Valkyrie's sword in his hands. He then tells everyone he is doing that just for fun and he will kill them all one by one.They all decide to stay together and face the bad guy, but nothing happens until the night. 
Cloud has to go to the bathroom and there Manslaughter attacks and cut off his throat. Then because of Cloud's death they all decide that it is time to hunt and kill Manslaughter. Suddenly he appears above Iceman and breaks his neck - two down. Angel finds him and fly over him but Manslaughter throw some gas on him and he has to breaks throw the window to escape, but Angel is to weak to fly away and then fells down the hill. With three Defenders killed now is the time to Valkyrie to confront him, but without her sword she couldn't do much and is also defeated by Manslaughter. Moondragon now finds him and attacks with her mind blast, but this only made their minds to be as one and when Manslaughter cuts his hands, Moondragon also fells it. Then if she kills him, she die with him. 
But suddenly Cloud and Iceman are back and attack him with ice and lightnings. It was only a mastermind plan made by Beast to make Manslaughter believe that he had killed everyone of them. Cloud had turned her neck into smoke when he cut it, then Cloud was disguised as Iceman when he had his neck broken. Iceman used his powers to prevent Angel from falling down the hill and them frozen Angel and Valkyrie to slow down the poison on them until they could cure them. 
At the end Moondragon wants to kill Manslaughter because what he had done to her, making her bled and suffer, but Beast deny it and Cloud says everything would be fine because she loves her.

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