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The Defenders finally listen to Hellcat's nightmares, and try to find Daimon Hellstrom. After they crash land their borrowed Avengers Quinjet, they're attacked by an icy monster, risen from the ground, which leads them to the Miracle Man's monastery. He has regained his extensive reality-warping powers.

There, the Miracle Man leads them to Hellstrom, whom he had turned into a statue. Claiming that he only did so during a temporary fit of insanity after regaining his memories, he restores him to the flesh, then takes them all to Indonesia. He says he wants to help the world with his powers, and starts doing miracles: curing the sick, building homes, and so on.

The Defenders argue over whether to stop him, or to embrace his newfound generosity. He soon provides the answer: a handicapped man refuses the Miracle Man's gifts, and the Miracle Man snaps, once again wreaking havoc. The Defenders battle him, but can't defeat him. Finally Daimon tries to convince his own Darksoul, which the Miracle Man absorbed, to come back to himself, if he agrees to become evil again. The Darksoul agrees, but Patsy and Overmind use their psychic powers to deflect it and send it out of both Daimon and Miracle Man, into a snake.

They are returned to the monastery, where Miracle Man is once again powerless.

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