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The original DC Comics Encyclopedia updated and expanded. Many of the character profiles are, of course, updated to the continuity up until the year of 2007. Other updates include new pictures not seen in the 2004 version either going along with the old pictures or replacing them. Expansions include new pages on the Multiverse, the Infinite Crisis, and the 52 series. Such expansions for character profiles include.......

  • Half a Page for the Character: Guy Gardner
  • A Page for the Characters and Group: The Scarecrow, Hippoltya, Captain Boomerang, The Ventriloquist, Seven Soldiers of Victory, and The Intergang
  • 2 Pages for the Characters: Catwoman, Lois Lane, Supergirl, and Superboy
  • 4 Pages for the Characters and Groups: Superman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, The Flash, Green Lantern, The Spectre, The Justice League of America, and The Justice Society of America
  • And 5 Pages for the Character: Batman

Characters/Groups that gained a profile in this book include Batwoman, the Calendar Man, Kryptonite Man, the wizard Shazam, The Calculator, Rag Doll, Villains United, and the Inferior Five. Characters Ryan Choi, Jaime Reyes, and Crispus Allen gained a profile under the mantles they have taken up (The Atom, Blue Beetle, and The Spectre). Some characters did lose a profile such as Impulse and Qwasp. However the character Impulse was added to The Flash pages as between the years 2004 to 2007, Impulse (Bart Allen) did serve some time as The Flash.

There are some errors in the book including the Post-Crisis first appearance of most of the Wonder Woman villains instead of their actual appearances issues and dates. Other examples include that of an error is Bizzaro first appearing in his first Post-Crisis appearance (though the book does acknowledge his first true appearance in the Superboy comics of the 50's) and Speedy's (Roy Harder) first appearance issue and date.







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DC Comics Enyclopedia Updated and Expanded  in  a one word WOW ....for  those who are like myself  or any one who want to write DC comics  Fan fics  next  to the book ...

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worth it? ..questionable 0

As a collector of DC and marvel encylopedias I had to purchase this latest installment from DC.  The encylopedia is filled with tons of facts, great artwork and page upon page of character IDs that can last you a lifetime.  That being said; i think this encylopedia is lacking quite alot of DC material.  All of Alan Moore's contributions to DC from V for Vendetta to Watchmen have been left out except the the joker's origins from the killing joke.  Also some minor typos and misidentifications are ...

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