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Plot Summary

  Barry Allen is getting used to being back in Central City. and the City has missed him. but all of a sudden he is approached by what looks like a newer and younger version of the Rogues Gallery. They tell him he is under arrest for the future crime of murder of one of the members of the Rogue Gallery of his own time. Now Barry Allen is on a race to escape this time police force from the future and race against the clock to clear his name and get to the bottom of how and why he would ever commit murder.
  While others are not to thrilled about the return of Flash, Captain Boomerang returns and tries to get back into Rogues, and the current Mirror master has something he has been saving for a while to use against the flash. a giant mirror. Barry finds that all of this is connected as one of the Rogues from the future tries to warn Barry about the mirror. Barry tries to stop the mirror from being broken but fails and is exposed to unknown powers from it. at that time the future rogues capture the flash and take him back to the future. As he stands trial he figures out who is behind his setup. Topp from the future set up Barry in order to prevent his father from going to prison so he could eventually get into the Future rogues without cheating and forging documents. 
   Though the crime was prevented and the real culprit was apprehended. the time stream has been tampered. all of it centers around Barry allen and its up to him to find out what is going on, leading into Flashpoint.

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