Can the Darkness have sex with the Witchblade?

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Greetings! I've read that the Darkness passes its powers on from father to son, killing its old host the instant his seed enters the mother to be (meaning sex, even for recreation, is out of the question unless you're suicidal). However, there was an instance where the Darknesss took control of Jackie and impregnated a comatose Sara Pezzini without killing its host or passing on its power, so thats one rather unfair loophole lol (Jack can have snookie as long as he's not awake for it XD). However, I heard somewhere that Jack and Sara hook up again during a recent story arc, atop an aztec temple no less, and he doesn't die or pass on the power to an unborn kid while having sex with her.

Does this mean the Host of the Darkness can mate with the bearer of the Witchblade without suffering the usual consequences? I mean, since the Darkness hijacked jack's body without his knowledge the first time it would make sense that he was trying to hide the truth about the witchblade's bearer being the one person he can make love to safely, and the Witchblade was born of the union between the Darkness and the Angelus, making it a construct of light and darkness, so it makes sense that the Dark's host could mate with the blade's bearer the same way he can mate with the female darklings it can produce to relieve the host's stress from time to time.

Can anyone clarify for me if I'm way off track regarding my theory or if I heard wrong about Jackie and Sara having consensual sex together recently?

P.S. any pics of these female darklings I heard about too btw?

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...I don't even... God...

Answer: Apparently yes, though it hasn't been explained or confirmed as to why.

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@ReVamp said:

...I don't even... God...

Answer: Apparently yes, though it hasn't been explained or confirmed as to why.

Thanks ReVamp, sorry if my question came off the wrong way, I was just genuinely curious about why the rules had apparently changed for the Darkness' host.

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The darkling in question would be Elle.

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