Is The Darkness any good?

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Not long ago a saw a review of I cant remember what number of The darkness, I remember someone saying it was getting way better than before... but is it realy worth to give it a try? from what issue? And whats good about it, the art, the story, the powers?


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If you've never read it before i would just start at the beginning. In my opinion that still has the best story lines and gives you a good explaination of Jackie and his powers. From there it was all a bit the same and started getting interesting again when he lost (part of) his powers. Recently he's been fully restored in power again so it'll be interesting to see where that takes him. =)

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The Darkness is that Deal
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There's a trade called The Darkness Compendium priced at around $60 out there. It contains about 40 issues of the first volume.

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as long as you know the back story you can read which ever and it wont matter

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