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Okay, let me start off by saying that this is probably my favorite movie ever.   Batman is my favorite hero, and I'm glad he finally got a good movie.  Christian Bale makes a better Bruce Wayne than Batman, but I don't think anyone could be what we all think of as Batman.  The Batman armor didn't quite look like I've always imagined it, but I'm not sure what I've imagined is humanly possible to copy. 
I loved how Heath Ledger played Joker.  They definitely got him right; he's a homicidal maniac.  I'll admit it was kind of hard to sleep after watching him. 
Also, I'm glad they killed Rachel Dawes off.  As far as I know, she's not even a real DC Comics character.  
Of course, there was an inappropriate scene/joke or two.  And obviously, this is a very dark movie (it's a Batman movie!).  But I loved it.  They did a great job, and I can't wait for a sequel!
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Posted by Kairan1979
Posted by Wolverine0628

Yeah, I would have even been okay with it being Vicki Vale or someone like that. Although I wish they would have just used Selina Kyle.

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