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Putting the joke in the Joker

The Batman movie everyone was waiting for. The movie is being considered to be the best comic book movie of all time. However, did people like the movie for Dark Knight, or for the Dark Prince of Crime. It was directed and Written by Christopher Nolan,Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer   and has Many Acting Talent Such as Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Aaron Eckhart, Morgon Freeman, Gary Oldman, Maggie Gyllenhaal,  Eric Roberts, and actor who put on a bit to much make-up, Heath Ledger. 

The storyline is Complex , while not having the two problems that most comic book movies have; which is being to comic(Watchmen) or nearly  getting every fact wrong (Origins:Wolverine). It is one of those movies you need to watch four or five times to fully understand it. They was no real music and the only Special effects excpect for the second face of two-face, and this movie has something the other Batman movies didn't have:
Batman actually looking like Batman. 
The acting was kind of 50/50. I think Bale does a good Bruce Wayne, but a bad batman. Alfred, Lucius Fox, Maroni  and Commissioner Gordon were perfect and i don't care about Rachel because shes not a comicbook character. Just like Bale, Eckhart does a good Harvey, but a Terrible Two-face. No one else will be able to replace Heath ledger(however, thats what they said about Jack Nicholson), the LedgerJoker is a bit more psychopathic than comicJoker, but thats the comics falut. 

Your no Tommy Lee Jones


I belive that every hero or heroes has got the ability to make truely awesome Movies and this shows that im right. I don't belive The Dark Knight should not have a sequel, the next Bat movie be Justice League. But if they do have a sequel: Riddler. I think this movies entire success comes from the joker and a sequel would not be a major win.                                                                                   WHY SO SERIOUS
Joker (Heath Ledger R.I.P.)


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Posted by deadpoolmegafan2525

Are you Kidding me you think it is a 3.5 no it is a 5 for sure!!!
Posted by Jerry Seinfeld

I think Jack could have been a better Joker I mean have you seen the Shining he is very freaky in that film. There have been worse Batmen but Bale wasn't the best. He was however a great Bruce Wayne. Two-Face could have been better but it wasn't as bad as Batman Forever. Joker of coarse was awesome.

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