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The Dark Knight reigns supreme!

The Dark Knight is an excellant picture.People need to get past Bale's grummbling voice. Bale is the best Batman on terms of his fighting techniques and is a good Bruce Wayne. The movie is fast paced and has action around every corner.Batman isn't the individual that makes this movie great. It is the Joker! Heath Ledger made a smashing performance right before he kicked the bucket. Joker was an entertaining character to watch in the movie. He made the character believeable. He was played dead on. Two-Face was done decently in this movie. The movie never became boring. The only problem besides the grumble voice is that Batman had to hard a time fighting of attack dogs. 4 and 1/2 stars!


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    The Joker appeared to be unrealistic pseudo omniscient god.Even the Joker's appearance with the mob is laughable at best.Not one of them shot The Joker on sight. Christopher Nolan has poor understanding of the mob.How does organize crime works generally? This never became FBI matter, when dealing with the Joker. If this movie was "realistic". The government would had hired Deathstroke snipe The Joker.No one was able to track or find who Bruce Wayne is.Joker is insane because he fell into the che...

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