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What can I say about this movie that hasn't already been said....


Christopher Nolan has shown the world that Batman isn't a franchise that died off after Batman and Robin, he shows that there is still an audience for this type of movie. Chris Nolan has pretty much made the movie of his career it'll be hard for any of his other movies to top this movie.

This is the Batman film that we've all wanted to see, it's dark and very violent for a PG-13 movie. This movie is so violent that here in Canada it was rated 14A which is typically a low R rating in the USA. So if you have kids that are fans of Batman, please don't take them because this movie isn't for kids.

The story is pretty simple.....The Joker has appeared and is slowly taking over Gotham using fear against the cities citizens, and Batman needs to use his detective skills to bring The Joker to justice. It's simple but has plenty of room to go into greater detail. Which it does.... There is plenty of subplots like the Love triangle and Joker taking over Gotham by eliminating the crime bosses.

I can't seriously stop sucking this movies dick.....and its hard to write a review on it because pretty much everything good in this movie has been mention before in another review.

Since I know pretty much everyone has seen this movie I will end the review with this....

If you haven't seen this movie, then find a way to see it because your missing out on one of the biggest movies of our decade.

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    The Joker appeared to be unrealistic pseudo omniscient god.Even the Joker's appearance with the mob is laughable at best.Not one of them shot The Joker on sight. Christopher Nolan has poor understanding of the mob.How does organize crime works generally? This never became FBI matter, when dealing with the Joker. If this movie was "realistic". The government would had hired Deathstroke snipe The Joker.No one was able to track or find who Bruce Wayne is.Joker is insane because he fell into the che...

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