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Epic movie

This has to be the greatest movie of heroes ever made in history because you keep your breath until the end.

The story begins with an incredible bank robbery made at daylight, a bank robbery that only lasts a few minutes but is very intensive, surprising you with the appearance of Joker (Heath Ledger) and talking a little bit about his ideas of fear. Batman (Christian Bale) follows the hint of the robberies and finds out that an accountant from Hong Kong is the responsible of watching it. DA Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) accepts Batman’s help to capture this man. In an incredible operation, and with gadgets provided by Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) Batman captures this accountant and gets all the necessary information to capture dangerous gang members and Salvatore Falcone himself. Lieutenant James Gordon (Gary Oldman) and Batman will discover that the real danger in Gotham is not that gangs is Joker.

Director Christopher Nolan directed a movie with a lot of good actors like Maggie Gyllenhaal, Michael Caine, Eric Roberts, Christian Bale or Heath Ledger who received the Oscar after his death. This is a film you keep watching from the first moment until it ends, the interest is very high the surprises and the twists appear all the film, there’s a lot of action and the music composed by Hans Zimmerman makes it more exciting. Attention to the scene of the funeral taking place in Gotham because you see Heath Ledger’s face without the Joker’s make-up, and believe it or not, you don’t recognize him. A film you must see.


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