Help me out by taking a survey about The Dark Knight!

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Being a resident here, I know how opinionated you guys can be, which is a great thing because I have taken it upon myself to do an audience response study for my research paper on the topic of Hollywood and the World. Specifically, I'm looking for people who would be willing to fill out a relatively short questionnaire about The Dark Knight and its relation to terrorism. So I figured I'd start here because, this being a comic book website, most (if not all) of you will have seen the film and (I hope) would be willing to offer your opinions on it. This is a very important paper, so I'd be eternally grateful for any responses at all! You can take the super fun survey at the following link:
(Please let me know if there's anything wrong with the site, I haven't used it before so I'm not sure how this is going to go).
I can't offer anything as incentive other than my eternal thanks (and I know how much you love those), plus you might get a quoted in the research paper itself (that's not particularly exiting but I thought I'd mention it nonetheless).
Once again, ANY responses are welcome.
And feel free to discuss the topic amongst yourselves in this very thread (as well as taking the survey of course).

Any questions, comments, etc. can be left in this thread also. 
Thank you!!

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I hope it's OK if I bump this, I still really, really need participants for my study!!

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I dont get the Bush Administration question... 

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@mimschkin: I gotta admit I'm a little wary with doing any random surveys at unknown sites but if you wanna tabulate some comic related questions about something try out the 'poll' feature they have here. It's a pretty effective way to get results. 
When you go to create a new topic, keep an eye out for the 'create a poll instead' button over on the right. Click that and instead of making a normal thread it'll make a multi choice thread where you can get answers to a question. ;)
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@Rudyftw:  There are some critics who thought that Batman's actions in the film were representative of the Bush administration's actions (i.e. unwarranted surveillance - where basically the whole country's pricacy could have been violated in the name of the country's security. When Batman uses sonar, effectively violating the whole city's privacy in an attempt to stop the Joker, it was seen as analogous of the Bush administration. Also the whole question over combatting terrorism - do you become a terrorist if you use violent methods to try to stop it?). 
@tonis: That did not occur to me, though I must admit that I chose that site for its 'export to PDF' function mostly. But I will definitely keep that in mind if I ever do something like this again, thanks!
And I just want to say a really huge thank you to those people who have taken the time to fill out the survey! You guys have been a massive help.

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