gr2blackout's The Dark Knight Rises review

Nobody's Perfect... BUT BATMAN IS!

I know this was most people's reaction to the film... BUT NOT MINE!

So who cares if Bane doesn't have the venom tubes?

So who cares if Catwoman shoots Bane?

It beats the crap out of X-Men Origins: Barakapool, thats for sure.

I'm known for hating movies that are nothing like the comics. Well, how does this stay true to the comics?

It has that kind of "Knightfall" feel.

Probably just because it's Batman getting his back broken, but still.

I'd pick this over TDK any day, which proves this is the best!

Catwoman was hot, Bane broke Batman's back, Batman kicked butt, it was dark, some people got killed/horribly injured, it heavily implied that there IS a Nolanverse Robin/Nightwing/Batman II, so why hate it? If all you want is explosions and action then why hate this movie?

I mean, it has action, a good plot, suspense, drama, some comedy here and there, and explosions, which, in my opinion, is what a good movie NEEDS.

Posted by xcoser

Hi, I agree with your points, dark knight movie is awesome action movie. not only do we just wanna see batman, but the villain Bane, his unique mask and the hot catwoman.

Posted by TheCannon

Awesome. I agree with everything here.

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