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It is hard to get too much into this movie without revealing too much about the plot, but this is essentially a wonderful compilation of story arcs from Knightfall and No Man's Land.  At times the movie plods along through some unconventional storylines and perhaps the average fan without as much exposure to the comics will find this lacking in energy, but the way in which this trilogy of films was wrapped up served to highlight the overall vision of the writer and director.  As with this cast from before, it can be expected that they pull off some wonderful chemistry together and the addition of Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy only serves to benefit that even more.  There are a few cameos as well which will make the fans want to smile.  Overall a really strong movie, for me not as good as the Dark Knight, but in the same vicinity of greatness.  

Posted by jrock85

I'd like to shake Nolan's hand.

A lot of people were skeptical about Anne Hathaway, but I think she was the best Catwoman ever.

Posted by jloneblackheart

This was on par with Spider-Man 3, if not worse. This movie was so absolutely terrible I am astounded at the amount of five star reviews I'm seeing here. If I find the time, I might write my own review.

Posted by RazzaTazz

@jloneblackheart: Well you should write one, I know some don't like it very much but I think you could articulate that better than most. I understand that the movie would not be for everyone but I liked the ethical and philosophical undertones. Much better than the laugh-fest that was the Avengers, even though I also liked that.

Posted by jloneblackheart

@RazzaTazz: I also think it's hard to compare the Avengers to this movie. Besides superheroes, they were totally different types of movies. I liked Avengers. It was just a bright, summer popcorn action movie. It succeeded in that aspect. It wasn't trying to be anything else. Dark Knight Rises was though. I don't even think it fit into the trilogy. It had all the same problems a third movie usually has, plus more. I'll write a review when I can (and I appreciate you thinking I'm articulate) ;)


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