Will Batman die in Dark Knight Rises?

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It is the final Nolan/Bale batman flick, and what better way to go out? Bane broke the Bat, but in this world maybe he kills him and sends him into martyrdom. That would end the series on a dark note, and any later film would be obviously separate.

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No, it'd piss too many people off. It'll probably end with Bruce realizing that Gotham needs their symbol of hope, the Batman.

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I think it will end with him passing the torch on. The basic idea being that he has helped Gotham fix itself to the point where there is no role for a masked vigilante.

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I think "Bruce Wayne" will die. I think that it will end with him being Batman 100%, no longer thinking of himself as Bruce. "Bruce" being just a persona now. He was close in Dark Knight, and I think this will push him over the edge.

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@entropy_aegis said:


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@Eyelash30 said:

Batman dying in a movie...or in a comic....or anything in particular...hmmmm....no. This is a comic book movie set to cater to EVERYONE. The franchise is worth billions to Warner Brother's from its last movie already. Furthermore the rumor mills of the studio has sets to see Batman in a Justice League movie as well within the following year of 2013 or 2014. But not with Bale assumingly. I'll believe Warner Brothers or DC Comics would kill off a billion dollar character like Batman than I would check my window for flying pigs.

Well Nolan said this was going to be the end of Batmans story and it will be in a way that no one else can follow it on unless it's a reboot.
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He will die, but symbolically and almost surely not at the end of the movie. Probably when he will come to transcend the death of his parent in a way or another.

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I doubt it.

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Bruce Wayne wakes up in the hospital a child and realizes its all been a dream and lives his life lol

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have i killed the thread? lol

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Yes he will die

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The ending will be ambiguous. We won't know if he's dead or alive.

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My guess is a metaphorical death of either Bruce Wayne or Bruce-as-Batman with a handing off of the cowl to someone else.

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Bruce will die, and Joseph Gordon Levitt's character will take his place.

You can't hire a famous dude like JGL and expect him to play a small part. There's gotta be more than what we've been told about him.

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@Gambit1024: I think you are right. The death may be more literal, and a new Batman will emerge.

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I also think that JGL's character's name will be Richard Grayson.

...But then again, I also think that Phil Coulson's gonna turn out to be Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) in the Avengers movie, so you can take my theories however you want, lol.

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BAtman will not die, and has far has Joseph Gordon Levitt's character, he'll probly be like HArvey bullock

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I hope not.
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I saw the movie at a screening last night!!!!! NO SPOILERS!

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