The Dark Knight Rises: Review (Spoiler Free)

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One Word : A Perfect Ending.

More Words: Pretty much everything a legend should get as an end.

Thanks : Chris Nolan for bringing such a pure and realistic Batman to the screens. And to keep the fans and comic book nerds happy with the ending.

Review: Batman Rises is many comic book series rolled into one. And they are one of the best of the Batman series. Knightfall, Batman Returns, Rise of Ras Al gul. But not taken in their entiretiy. Some might say batman rises is not as good as the dark knight, but i say its what a superhero movie should be.

Post Avengers, everyone would like to see high action movies, but Nolan gives us a movie about normal people without super powers becoming superheroes. Batman, Selina Kyle, Bane even Gordon and Blake, all are superheroes without powers. They only power they have is the will to overcome. And that is the message Nolan delivers. Take control of your fear with your will. Be fearless. Master fear. This is the message the batman comics gives us and so does Nolan.


Batman: Well acted by Bale. Strong, weak , afraid, angry, its what makes Bale a great Batman. Its possible that i cannot see any other actor as a batman for some time.

Gordon: Oldman is strong as usual, loved him.

Bane: Seeing what Hardy had done in Bronson this might have been a cinch. But still well acted and he does look huge, almost towering Batman and others. It shows the work Hardy has done for the act. Loved him and his bane. Only issue is the voice. But it seems all batman movies were plagued by voice problems.

Blake: An orphan policeman who helps Gordan take care of the mess Gotham is in. Love the cleaverness and resourcefull ness shown by him.

Selina Kyle: And if you want to someone as sexy as the catwoman, there is nobody other than Hathaway for you. The way she looks sucks you into him. The way she walks makes the comic book pages jump up on the screen, but its the acting she has done which makes selina kyle live on the screen.

Alfred: He has the most pivotal role whether it is a movie or the books. He is the only force who keeps batman a real person, and not get lost. He is the anchor which keeps Batman Bruce Wayne. Caine acts out aflred with a passion and there is no way you cannot love him here.

Final Thougts:

It's not a action movie, its a movie about overcoming your fears. Its a movie which is more near to the comic books than the previous non Nolan movies. Its a movie rooted in a real world, rather than a comic book. Its a movie which wraps up the trilogy with an end fit for its watchers, fit for the comic nerds, fit for Batman fans.

Thanks to reading.

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