The Dark Kinght Rises was Crap..or was it...? (Blog)

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I have been waiting to see this movie since i first heard about it, and since then my anticipation has been steadily increasing until it started burst at the seems (not literally, gross.)

I Went to see the midnight release of this highly anticipated film (12:06 showing, as all the previous showings had been sold out.) looking forward to it, as i had been reading the great reviews it had gotten on the internet. And after the credits rolled (No after credit scene, dont waste your time.) i sat with a newly acquired opinion for this film. However, was this movie worth seeing? Did it live up to the previous films that we all so love?

the answer is most definitely.. yes, no, HELL yes. This movie was amazing.It had all the elements of an awesome movie, The action, the deep character development, the kind of romance the theater had been missing for quite sometime, and of course a deeply character driven plot that will leave you more than satisfied. It was the perfect conclusion to Nolan's incredible Batman trilogy.


The plot was a fantastic tie in with the previous films, reflecting much more from "Batman Begins" than the "Dark Knight". The movie takes place 8 years after the events that occurred in TDK, having batman been missing, and Bruce Wayne a limping recluse. Gotham has been a much safer place, having the entire mob either put away, or fleeing, by the article known as 'The Dent Act.' Thus having no need for batman. However the introduction of the mercenary known as "Bane" brings a turn of events (cant say too much here.) that leave Gotham, once again, needing The Batman.


Bruce Wayne/Batman: Wayne, having suffered the failure of saving Dent, and basking in the lose of his love Rachel, has hung up his cowl and cape and left the crime fighting up to the GCPD. He has become a shut in, now using a cane (all the injures from Batman.) abandoning the outside world for "There is nothing out there for me." Wayne is a truly broken character.No motivation to fight the very injustice that killed his parents. That is until his motivation is kicked started by John Blake. Over all, this is a very interesting take on the character of Bruce Wayne, and once again Nolan doesn't disappoint. Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, go trough and spectacularly written character development, and once again wears the cowl to purge the injustice that threatens his city.

John Blake: Joseph Gordon Levitt (already one of my favorite actors) plays a young and morally motivated police officer named John Blake. Blake is easily one of my favorite characters in the movie, and he is a vital part of the plot. Without the character of John Blake, there is no batman, and you'll see why. The chemistry Blake has with the other main characters, mostly Gordon & Batman, is a much needed plot device, and a well written one at that.

Selina Kyle/Catwoman: Selina Kyle is a cunning and smart thief who has gotten herself in with the wrong kind of people, which motivates her throughout the movie.Anne Hataway's portrayal of the essential character in the batman universe was both realistic enough for Nolans Batman saga, and comic-booky for us fanboys. Both, her chemistry with Batman & Bruce Wayne, and her role altogether in the movie was more than a vital element. If you're a fan of how her and Batman work in the comics than this remarkably written character should not let you down.

Bane: Bane is a clever and terrifying mercenary who has colossal plans for the city of Gotham. Now, whilst not being as great of a character as Ledgers Joker, Bane is also a much different type of villian. He brings more of a "i will break you" essence to the films, rather than Jokers "i'll just drive you crazy" and he is more than capeabe of doing so. Although he is not exactly my favorite part of the movie, i thought he was done in an amazing way.

What did you think of the movie? Was it as great as you expected, or were you disappointed?

& please, if you do comment, warn people before you talk about spoilers.



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while the plot development was really good, it was too much. I felt like they were trying to tell so much more in this movie then his previous movies, there was so much background they needed to do for this movie, alot of it was rushed imo. I did not really like the character development of Bane either, I wont spoil the end but I expected more then that, and I wanted more steroid driven bane. It wasn't bad, I thought it was good but the acting of ledger in The dark knight was too much for this film to over come.

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To be honest, had it been the same film without Batman tied to it, I would have enjoyed it more. Nolan wanted a more "realistic" Batman franchise and I feel he achieved it in the first two films. In this one however he tried to put in a comic book scale story line with one of the greatest Batman bad guys but in a real world setting. I just don't feel that it worked. The scale was too large, it was too rushed and too convenient. Tom Hardy was great but not as Bane. They really tried to make it too large for the type of movie it is supposed to be and I feel they failed at that. Kudos to Nolan for trying but I don't feel it worked at all. I'm so disappointed as well. After the disappointment of Prometheus I really wanted this to be great.

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I havent seen it yet so i can say, but if this thread doesnt get locked i will be back for details once i see the movie.

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I don't think I've ever been more disappointed in a movie, wait never mind dragonball evolution was a thing.

But seriously this movie screamed average to me, nothing special, Tom Hardy did a great job though, and shockingly I thought Hathaway did great as well, but the rest of the acting was truly terrible, the fight scenes looked fan made film quality, Talias death was just... just what.

Honestly it wasn't a BAD movie, it was just so average that it let down all expectations.

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