New High Quality Promo Images for 'The Dark Knight Rises' Surface

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It's been relatively quiet on the Batman/Dark Knight Rises front lately. All we've been hearing about is The Avengers. Although the latest word is that a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man may be appearing before The Avengers. That would be quite a treat.

As for The Dark Knight Rises, some high quality promo images have popped up online over at It was mentioned that these might not be new but I can't say I recall seeing them. Regardless, they look pretty sweet so let's take a moment to look and enjoy them.

The first is your typical Christian Bale/Batman/I'm-a-big-badass pose.

As cool as this image looks, him holding his cape like that sort of reminds me of a woman holding up her skirt walking over a puddle. Sorry Batman.

== TEASER ==

The next one is kind of weird but interesting at the same time.

The last one, while very posed and promo-y, is my favorite.

I am so ready to see this movie.

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Hi res is a friend to my eye brains

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Damn the first image of Batman looks awesome. hang that picture in Gotham City and crime will stop just like that.

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Pretty 0_0

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meh .. i think i would look better in a batman suit lol..

awesome pix

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That Bats vs. Bane face off picture is the best. Now THAT is high res!

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The pics look awesome. Can't wait for the movie.

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OMG, that Batman vs Bane pic is awesome!!!

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@KidSupreme said:

meh .. i think i would look better in a batman suit lol..

awesome pix

Cool story, bro.

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This is gonna be a great summer.

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I am not so crazy about the second picture, but I love the first and third picture. Can't wait for the movie to come out!

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these look like screens from a video game aha

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these are INSANE!!! just great.

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I am sure this thought has occurred to others, but maybe his Bane mask allows him to inhale the steroids.

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i am ready to see this movie, i want to also see another trailer!

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badass lvl over the roof

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@KidSupreme: So true. A batman suit a la Batman Begins me thinks.

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Batman vs Bane looks rad.

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This is going to be awesome!!

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Do they make a Batman suit in double XL?

Just kidding. Its the internet, don't get mad.

This is the IT movie for me hands down. Batman Begins and Dark Knight were so good, to me at least, that I have 100% faith in Dark Knight Rises, regardless of all the nitpicks people have had in the past year. If I end up being wrong, so be it, but only one way to find out. I want to see this so bad, I'm going to take half a day off from work the day its out and just go see it by myself at the earliest showing. I'm that serious about it.

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@leosol said:

Hi res is a friend to my eye brains

LOL This^^^^^

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To be honest. I think the first picture really sux. Instead of just showing some kind of silhouette to bring out the dark morbid character they just throw him in your face with lots of colors. It doesnt look mysterious anymore. Despite that, the movie will be awesome!

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The film will be awful. I demand shark repellent and disco.

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They need to stop with these "I'm batman and look how cheesy my pose is and look how cool my suit is" what happened to the dark shadow ninja we all loved from batman begins

These pictures are way to bright for me

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Bats vs. Bane... IT'S ON!

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When I first saw theese I was all " Why is batman fighting Mr. Freeze? Oh wait its Bane!" I was really confused the pose and the way it looks and how bright it is and that last pic looks like its snowing. I was confused and felt like a dork.

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so much armour batman has

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Especially the 3rd one!

I can't wait for this movie!

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These are pictures of the toys, was expecting actual promo pictures from the movie.

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@RedheadedAtrocitus: So agreed!

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Looks like a bunch of action figures to me lol

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Batman against Bane is always epic.

just waiting.

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To those complaining these are too bright, I'm pretty sure Bane drawing Batman out during the day is going to be a big part of the movie, to remove his advantage, so these make sense, thematically. Think about it, almost all the photos and videos of action sequences have been in bright daylight, sometime even with bright white snow falling down. The whole point is Batman being out of his element.

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No more excited than I was previously. Nice to see some new stuff though. Seems as if all the promo stills and pics have a much brighter tone to them than Batman Begins or even Dark Knight did. Brown, to blue, to white?

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Odd photos. They look like stills from an overly polished game.

I don't think these are promos for the film as much as art for lunchboxes and notebooks.

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The Bats and Bane one is AWESOME. I was very surprised to learn that it took 8 years after the Dark Knight...

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@Sonata said:

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Hmmm.... Something is off.

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I liked the third picture better (Batman vs Bane). I cannot wait to see the battle between them in the movie. Should be interesting to watch!

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Awesome pics. But, honestly, I hate the look they've given Bane. And, from the trailers I'm getting the sense that they've changed a lot about the character, maybe too much.

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It's pretty obvious the stills are shot to show off the modified armor he's wearing.

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You know what's really annoying? When I talk to my non-comic book reader (or non-DC) friends about Bane - they all think that he's some dumbass thug because of Schumacher's p.o.s. film. Even though I HATE IT when people who don't read comics think they know everything about a character because of watching films and reading Wikipedia, I hope Nolan does justice to Bane so I never have to hear about how stupid or retarded Bane is.

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Those are some truly beautiful images. 

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Nolan, you are so unoriginal. I thought your Bane looked familiar...can you say Croc Master from G.I. Joe?

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