My The Dark Knight rises theory

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warning: this is just speculation on rumors and facts who are known of the third batman movie, nothing I say is confirmed by Warner bros .
What I think will happen in the third  batman movie is that Talia Al Ghul will go to Gotham to revenge her father and continue the mission he started, the mission to destroy Gotham City. There are rumors Marion Cottilard would be playing Talia Al Ghul, however on IMDB the character she plays is called Miranda Tate. I have my personal explination for that Miranda could be a second identity of Talia to come close to Bruce so Bruce would not suspect anything dangerous and I think Christian doesn't want to ruin his own spoilers that easy. There are also rumors Ra's Al Ghul would come back in flashback scenes, this could be a way to portray the realtionship between Ra's and Talia.
Bane: I think Bane will be a prisoner of the prison Bruce was in in the beginning of Batman Begins and Talia recruits him the same way Bruce was recruited by Ra's. This is differebt from the comics but he could be raised in the prison of Batman Begins that reflects his comic book origins (you know raised in a prison due to his fathers crime). Bane becomes the new "elite" warrior of the league of shadows and maybe possible love intrest of Talia. His mission is also to destroy Gotham along side the league of shadows. In recent pictures of Bane in the stadium we hear Bane talking, giving a speech. This makes me think Gotham is banes intrest and not really batman(maybe not)
catwoman: I don't know what her role in all of this is yet. I think she is a woman who is abused or something and one day she has enough. She takes Batman as a rolemodel but turns her goals more personal and begins to steal things. I think she will not really be evil.
If anyone has better ideas or sees faults in my theory please explain and what do you guys think of this theory?

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You know that part in every origin story where the hero finally takes on his role as a hero aka the third act.

That happens.

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There's your theory, and I also think this movie will have a lot of influence from Cataclysm/No Man's Land.

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I don't think so
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Seems close to my own line of thinking.
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is she allready confirmed as Talia because she sure looks like her.

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