My review of the Dark Knight Rises ( Possible Spoilers)

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You know what i noticed, nobody panics when things go according to plan. If tomorrow I told who the main villian of Man of Steel is or the ending to Amazing Spider-man- nobody panics. Because it is all part of the plaaan. But if i mention one little ole spoilder of this movie, WELL EVERYONE LOSE THEIR MINDS!!!!!! Well sucks to be you because this review might contain spoilers. So imma give you this last chance to back off. Now to begin. Out of the three big superhero movies this summer, DKR was my least anticipated. Mainly because I was not that crazy about the dark knight as everyone else for me to be excited about a follow-up even though it was a good movie. Now that I have seen it and while I did enjoyed The Avengers more, The Dark Knight Rises is a DAMN good movie and a satisfying conclusion despite its shortcomings.

The first half of DKR works in the way of setting up a chess board, the players are positioned in order to get everything in place for the main game to begin ( the second half) We get to see how cunning, sleek and awesome Catwoman is, we get to see how intimidating and complicated Bane is, we are introduced to a few characters who will play an important role later on, we learn the condition of Bruce Wayne and the city of New York ( I will explain in a minute.)I would say that everything about the first half was nothing but perfect set-up. And once the second-half begins boy does it pay off giving us one of the wonderful climaxes of the past decade as New York truly experiences hell. It is something anyone interested in action cinema should see. The cinematography has also improved, giving us the best action scenes of the trilogy.

One of the aspects that have set Nolan's trilogy apart from typical superhero movies is the quality of the performances. Bale has to give a serious, wide-ranging performance, and he's up to the challenge. Hathaway is the best live screen version of Catwoman. Gordon-Levitt, often holding up his section of the story alone, is a strong presence and Hardy gives us a very powerful and menacing Bane as mentioned before. Michael Caine's Alfred and Gary Oldman's Jim Gordon are as excellent as they've always been . The appearances of Ra's and Caine put a big ol smile on my face.

All of the care put into the story structure pay off in the end despite a few flaws. A) There is simply no adequate reason ever given that Batman took the blame for Harvey Dent’s death at the end of the film. The Joker could easily have been blamed for killing Dent before the final confrontation with Batman and then Batman could resume his activities. B) I know it’s a conscious decision, but The Joker had to be mentioned here. When the previous film’s antagonist is sent to jail, then a major plot point of this movie is freeing everyone in jail, someone should at least note that The Joker is free, even if he, for obvious reasons, isn’t to appear. C) If you could not tell that Miranda Tate was Talia or even a villain in general, you might be kinda stupid. Even so, the third act twist that reveals her as the true main villain not only cheapens Bane ( whose death by catwoman firing a missle from the Bat-cycle is pretty disappointing), but also leaves us with confusion and " well duhhhh" rather than surprising shock. D) The city looks soooooo blatantly like New York City that it did bother me simply because Gotham felt like its own city in Batman Begins that it kinda irritated me when I would see landmarks of New York but the movie still claimed it was gotham.

However, while DKR is not a perfect movie it is still a really good one. The stuff it gets right it REALLY gets right even if the cons keep it becoming the masterpiece everyone expected it to be. This might sound weird to most, but I enjoyed this movie than the Dark Knight but not quite as Batman Begins because of the problems I mentioned. Nevertheless, this is the movie you deserved.


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