I want to ruin your Dark Knight Rises experience...

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With the recent trailer for The Dark Knight Rises released into the wild there are no doubt infinite blog posts, threads, and water cooler ramblings going down as I type this. I have decided to do the original thing and do the exact same thing as everyone else...

Side note: I have not seen the prologue, I'd rather watch the whole movie, and as such only know the basics of what happens there. Also if you would kindly avoid any commentary about that prologue it would be much appreciated.

So let us begin...FIGHT!

The trailer starts with a game of Football. Already we are shown that Gotham is thriving and likely on the up and up after the Dark Knight. The notion is confirmed later in the trailer but let's quickly focus on why Football represents Gotham out of hell. Football is a celebratory sport, large numbers of patrons aren't afraid to step outside and root for their team.

Next Bane crawls up through the depths, it's likely that this is taken out of context but it doesn't matter. Bane's come to upset Gotham's peace time and there isn't much more to say about this frame...

Now we have Alfred saying that he hasn't protected Bruce, is this perhaps guilt over supporting the Batman? In the first two movies Alfred has always been rather supportive of Bruce's transformation into the Dark Knight, defiantly more so then other incarnations of the faithful butler. When Comics Alliance reviewed the Dark Knight a while back one of their commentators, Andy Khouri, stated that Micheal Caine's Alfred believes in the mission. So the idea that Alfred breaks down saying that he hasn't protected Bruce very much evokes the idea that he has doubt in the mission or something in relation to it...perhaps terrified at a broken bat?

Here is the first moment in the trailer were we see a dark Gotham, changing the tone back to the conflicted Gotham of the Dark Knight.

Now we get the confirmation that Gotham has got itself some peace over the eight year span, this of course leads to the leaders packing away their generals. Something to take away is that Gordon would not likely be a bad commissioner at peace time so why get rid of him? Perhaps the corruption rises again? OK I apologies I promise I'll only use that gag three maybe four more times. Anyway the one thing Gordon would not be at any time would be a push over, a mayor wanting more control would want to weed out the strong.

I honestly have no clue about this...perhaps it's a woman in a purple hood?

First we show that Bruce is likely trying to form some semblance of a normal life, perhaps dating Selina Kyle only to have her be using him for access to the Mansion, Selina goes creepy on him and mocks him with his own mother's necklace. This whole part where Catwoman ransacks the mansion indicates that she either has her own faction or is working with Bane. If she is working with Bane it wouldn't be to unreasonable to see the looters end up being the escaped prisoners. Personally I wouldn't mind her commanding a group but I doubt that would help the movies flow with two crazy armies...

Something that happened between her monologue was Gordon leading a group of cops only to be met with a fireball. This could very well be the lead into the hospitalized Gordon from the first trailer. More on that after the full trailer breakdown...

Personally I think the break in that wall looks a little silly but I have no idea what made it so whatever. Bane is standing right in front of the camera so he's freed them himself. This cements how much of a physical presence Bane must be in this movie. He isn't the sort of character to send someone else to free those guys or blow the field up. Although the Joker was very much taking part in the Dark Knight a significant portion of his plan is carried out by everyone else with Bane he's right in front of you to punch...but it wouldn't do a thing.

When Batman beats up the Joker it accomplishes nothing for him but when Batman attempts to fight Bane for the first time it's likely to not just do nothing against Bane's plans but to be immediately be followed up with a rebuttle in the form of many fists. Basically when you push the Joker he reminds you of why you suck, when you push Bane he pushes back.

This could very easily be a jail, it like is, but it's very unlikely to be in Gotham. So obviously we have the gruff looking Bruce and the still bad-ass looking Micheal Caine, and it is Micheal Caine, but why are they there? There are a few options here:

One: Bruce Wayne is outed as Batman and Bane's used the newly corrupted Gotham City to expedite them to an out of country prison, or straight up kidnapped the two.

Two: Bane just kidnaps both of them because he gets that Batman is a problem so he takes him out of the equation. This would be similar to option one but not as likely in that it makes more sense for Bane to potentially get the public against Batman...

Three: The least likely, Bruce and Alfred are poor now and without many funds Bane forces them out of Gotham and to the same complex as Bruce stayed in during Batman Begins.

To be honest it's likely to be a combination of all three of those...

...and on the word "rise" is this for Bane or Batman?

Again Bane is doing the work himself. When I first read the arg CIA stuff I was afraid for this film, that a nuclear bomb would broaden the movie to a global scale instead of a state to perhaps national level. As much as I love Batman saving the world from Superman 4: the Quest for Peace It's always difficult to keep any tone when you bring out the nukes. Luckily that doesn't seem to be the case and some different weapon seems to be in use.

Now Bane is standing over a beaten up Bruce Wayne, perhaps saved by Bane during a prison riot not wanting him to miss Gotham's fall. The most intriguing take away is Bane's voice, which is pretty great, it's reminiscent of Darth Vader (I mean that in a good way) and has a very unique feel to it. This scene shows that, again, Bane is in control and doesn't feel like being subtle about it. The Joker could be in control of a situation and you'd never know, with Bane he'll remind that you've failed and that you are under his command.

We get a quick glimpse of Talia err Miranda Tate...respectable board member of Wayne enterprises. Even in this quick glimpse we see her being set up as a love interest instead of Selina. I'd like to give a quick side note about Christian Bale's acting here, in the Dark Knight he kinda seemed like a total creep when it came to romance or showing compassionate emotion to Racheal while in this minuscule moment of time he seems much more genuine.

This is likely Wayne repelling down a building to get away from something, if you look closely you can see a wire. It could also just be a wire they didn't remove in post yet...

I'd like to say that I don't know anything about fashion...but that hat is bitchin'...anyway she seems to be walking through some sort of airport judging by the luggage. This could indicate that she hasn't lived in Gotham her entire life and is only now arriving or perhaps she's leaving to go steal something outside of Gotham.

Now this is the first look at Batman in this trailer and I can honestly say that I cannot even begin to guess what the hell he's holding. Is it a bunch of LED lights in convenient hand cannon form? is it the REC from Arkham City? is it going to reconstruct finger prints off of shattered bullets? I sure hope so!

Now this could easily lend itself to the Batman being named Bruce Wayne to the public but it could just as easily be Bane kidnapping Batman himself...all I know is there was a kid climbing up that thing in the first trailer. Was it Bruce as a kid? That makes no sense his dad brought him back out of the cave...unless!

Que nonsensical rant:

Obviously Bruce's father was not nearly as nice as he remembered but without any friends at school and being generally creepy at Racheal he forced the world to make sense by pretending his dad was a pretty chill guy. Yet in cruel reality his dad was a horrible man who got his wife addicted to drugs and married her for her money. Later he faked his own death, killing Martha as a part of it, in order to cover up his debauchery and general animal masked nonsense. In reality Bane is Thomas Wayne!!!!!!!!! I need scissors 61!

Bane embracing the rise chant? or god forbid looking up at Ra's...I know it wont happen but if Liam Neeson somehow gets up out of a Lazarus pit I will walk out of the theater, find the nearest person, and punch them in their kidneys...

Something of note is the door that JGL is fiercely assaulting, it's not gothic in design nor does it look like an ordinary door. He likely isn't in the police station, his character is supposedly a police officer.

The rest of the trailer is your usual "let's try to lesson the impact of this movie because all I get to do is cut trailer together" moments. You have what's likely the second to last fight scene in the movie, Bane fighting Batman, and you have the BATHOVAHCRAFT!

What we can assume as the plot for this movie...or what I assume will happen...

Now that the trailer breakdown is done let's take what we've learned from both trailers and apply it to take away as much enjoyment of this movie as we can.

It's likely that the movie will begin, after the prologue bit, with some establishing scenes that Gotham is a pretty cool guy and he doesn't afraid of anything. We'll have movement on Gordon being on the chopping block and Miranda Tate connecting with Bruce Wayne. Then we'll get to the football game where Gordon will be put on guard duty or something like it. Bane pops his head out and blows the charges while the football team falls into the massive sink hole. Bane might give a speech and then Gordon would confront him and get Broken, showing the necessity of Batman. Bruce would visit Gordon in the hospital and upon leaving the wounded Gordon would wake up and tell him that the Batman has to come back. There wouldn't really be a need for explanation when it comes to how Gordon knows seeing as how he's commonly been treated as being smarted enough to find out if he wanted and there's precedent with the Dark Knight Returns and there drinking buddy relationship. Then either Bruce would outright deny the idea of returning or generally mull it over until he holds some sort of extravagant party, not his birthday mind you cause that would be messed up, Selina Kyle is introduced to him. Selina starts her speech about the lavish lifestyle he lives and generally gets him to snap out of the idea that he can not be Batman.

Miranda Tate sadly tells Bruce that all his money is gone and then his mansion gets ransacked. Bane kidnaps both Bruce and Alfred during the ransack with the prisoners he's freed. Now Bruce and Alfred much watch Gotham turn to ashes while being to far away to do anything...from there some other stuff happens...

Oh and Alfred could totally die in this movie...oh wait Christopher Nolan isn't Joss Wheadon...

EDIT: I got the rest of the images up...

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I do wonder about Alfred, but mostly because I'm not sure how he feels about bruce doing the Batman thing. In Batman Begins, he had concerns more than once, and in the Dark Knight, twice. So I wonder about him in the last movie.

Commissioner James Gordon Is another one, will they get try to get rid of him? Why would they even talk about it? Commissioner Gordon Is a big part of the Batman World, Batman year one is mostly about Gordon's life. The way they say "Gordon, his name comes up alot, all the right people seem to hate him."

My other questions are, what will Catwoman do?, and Miranda Tate? what will she do? will we lead to Batman's Son? For a 4th movie?

those are it.

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